Michael Moore
Moore supports the Occupy movement and spoke at an Occupy Oakland rally. Reuters

Michael Moore has come under fire from several conservative bloggers questioning the intentions of the filmmaker after revealing his $3 million Michigan mansion.

He has been a firm supporter of the Occupy protests, encouraging activists to continue their battle against the wealthy 1 per cent of Americans. But he could be one among that 1 per cent himself, with tax records showing his ownership of an extensive property in one of the country’s most elite communities.

Blogger Andrew Breitbart posted details elaborating Moore's large vacation home on Torch Lake, Mich., last week. He owns the luxurious lakeside escape in addition to his pricey Manhattan residence. The township is roughly 98 per cent white residents, according to statistics from 2009. Breitbart has stated, No one begrudges Moore his wealth, but it is deceitful for him to claim poverty while encouraging class warfare among other Americans.

Critics point out that Moore is clearly being hypocritical when he belittles the very system that has made him wealthy. In his blog, Moore writes,Capitalism is a system, a pyramid scheme of sorts, that exploits the vast majority so that the few at the top can enrich themselves more.

Moore, who has toured the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations across the country, has previously defended his wealth. Talking with CNN's Piers Morgan about Occupy, he joked: I’m here talking against my own interests.

I’m not in the 1 per cent. For a documentary filmmaker I do very well. There’s a big difference between a documentary and 'Avatar,' he added.

He said that even though he is wealthy, I am devoting my life to those who have less and who have been crapped upon by the system.