A man gunned down his wife and her boyfriend before killing himself in the parking lot of an Oklahoma Walmart.

Wbiliado R. Varela Jr., 43, was caught on Walmart security cameras when he opened fire on Monday in Duncan, Oklahoma. He was seen waiting in his car for his wife, 31-year-old Rebecca N. Vescio-Varela, and her boyfriend, 39-year-old Aubrey P. Perkins, who was inside shopping.

When the pair returned to their car, Wbiliado Varela got out of his car and fired several shots into the car’s windshield, killing the couple, before turning the gun on himself.

All three were pronounced dead at the scene.

Initial reports also suggested another armed man had intervened to stop Wbiliado Varela. However, police revealed the man approached the scene after Wbiliado Varela turned his gun on himself.

“We believe he did not actually get in contact with Varela,” police investigator Lt. John Byers said during a press conference Tuesday. “Mr. Varela had already turned and shot himself. It appears right now to be a domestic dispute.”

Byers also affirmed Wbiliado Varela never entered the Walmart and open fired.

“It’s a tragedy for anyone, especially the Latin community,” Byers said.

Wbiliado Varela was revealed to be involved with several charity groups working in Duncan while Vescio-Varela had previously worked at the same Walmart. Byers also said one of the victims was a parent.