Catelynn Lowell discussed her struggle with depression on Monday night's "Teen Mom OG" reunion show. Pictured: Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra at the 2014 reunion for "Couples Therapy" on Aug. 8 in Culver City, California. Getty Images

One week after Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham starred in part one of the "Teen Mom OG" 2016 reunion special, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell were put in the hot seat on Monday. The MTV reality stars were joined by their families and host Dr. Drew Pinsky to talk about the season's drama. From depression to custody battles, nothing was left undiscussed.


After being diagnosed with postpartum depression this season, Catelynn told Dr. Drew she’s always struggled with anxiety and depression. Catelynn said it was her husband, Tyler Baliterra, who convinced her to go see a counselor after fearing she would hurt herself. "I remember sitting in the bathtub and I’m like, I’m not waking up another day feeling like this,” she tearfully recalled.

Tyler also opened up about his suicide attempt. He said he tried to hang himself from a tree several years ago, which he first revealed in his 2015 memoir. After picturing his mother, Kim, finding his lifeless body, he said he fought to get out of the rope, which left him bleeding and burning. Tyler also admitted to cutting when he was younger. “I just liked it,” he said. Tyler revealed he never received medical attention for his cuts and hid it “really well."

Fresh off his prison release, Tyler's dad Butch also made an emotional cameo via video chat. He called Tyler his “therapist” and got teary eyed when he said his son “the most wonderful human being” he’s ever met. "My life is so great right now my soul can’t barely handle it!” Butch said. Dr. Drew gave Butch a slow clap and called him a “miracle" for changing his life and overcoming his addiction issues.Watch Butch gush over Tyler:

Additional Tidbits:

  • Tyler discussed the moment when his and Catelynn's daughter Carly, who they gave away for adoption, called him “dad" during their yearly meeting. Tyler said he just acted like he didn’t hear her say it and is unsure what Carly calls him when he’s not around.
  • Catelynn said Carly loves her and Tyler's daughter Nova and calls her a “birth sister.”
  • Butch said he was hurt by the reaction to him meeting his granddaughter Carly at Catelynn and Tyler's wedding. After knowing Carly's parents did not want him to meet their daughter because of his past, he said he wasn't planning to introduce himself but wanted to tell her she was beautiful. “I had to," he said. "But they were pulling her away like I was the plague and I didn’t appreciate that much."
  • During the reunion show's final segment, Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout joined Amber and Catelynn on stage. Catelynn apologized to Farrah for talking badly about her in a Snapchat video. Farrah said it’s a good thing to embrace one another and that all of her co-stars have things to look forward to.

Watch Butch talk about meeting Carly:


Amber's fiancé Matt Baier was put in the hot seat. After Amber's ex, Gary Shirley, revealed on camera that Matt has seven children, Amber cleared up the accusations. Amber told Dr. Drew she and her beau purposefully hid things from the cameras, including Matt's children, and revealed she knew he had five kids. She admitted to be shocked by the paperwork Gary delivered, which said Matt had child support cases for several children against him. Ultimately, Amber said Matt's children are "nobody's business."

Matt explained his named was attached to the other two children in the court documents as a mistake, which he has since gotten a lawyer to clear up. He revealed he wasn't honest with Amber about his children at first because he felt shame, calling his secrets “painful memories.” Matt, a former addict, said he did not abandon his children and they were raised by “wonderful families.”

“I would have done nobody any good being around them back then,” Matt said.Watch Matt talk about his past:

Amber said she’s been contacted by Matt’s ex’s who have warned her about his wrongdoings several years ago and she’s “drained” by the events. “You leave wreckage in your wake when you live your life like that,” Matt explained. “I don’t fault them for that. I was awful.”

When Gary appeared on stage, he said he brought up Matt's past in front of the cameras to protect him and Amber's daughter, Leah. Amber said Gary did it for a different purpose, to prove her “live is unstable" during their custody battle. Watch Matt and Gary have it out:

When Matt brought up the idea that the topic they’re discussing pertain to last season, Gary said, “We’re dealing with a whole life of trash, too, though.” Amber interrupted Gary’s comments by telling her ex not to mistake her future husband’s kindness for weakness. She also reminded Gary that Matt has also been respectful to him. Gary said he cannot respect someone who does not care for his own kids. Dr. Drew briefly sat in between the couples because he feared their talk may get to a dangerous place.

“I want to know that if he’s going to be there, he’s there,” Gary said. “I want to know that what he says is real.”

Matt said he’s not going anywhere and Amber confirmed they're still getting married.

Additional Tidbits:

  • Amber said she and Gary are co-parenting and have agreed to share joint custody of Leah.
  • When Dr. Drew asked Gary to have a little more positivity regarding his relationship with Amber, he said she was wonderful to be around and commented her hair is highlighted, which caused Dr. Drew and the audience to laugh.