The Old Spice guy is back. This time, Isaiah Mustafa is MANta Claus, and he's on a mission to give 7 billion gifts before the holiday season ends.

Launched this week by the longtime American grooming company, Old Spice MANta Claus is operating under the mantra, 1 Man, 7 Billion Gifts.

Like Mustafa's first Old Spice campaign (recall: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, horses, boat), MANta Claus is accompanied by a series of hilarious videos.

A very wise man once told me that giving is the best way to receive something back. I have no idea what he was talking about, he was extremely old. But I did learn this. Everyone likes getting presents. And I like everyone, Mustafa says, wearing nothing but a white bath towel and a red holiday scarf.

The 37-year-old delivers his message in front of what appears to be several of the 7 billion gifts he vows to deliver this year.

Since Tuesday, the campaign's first day of giving, Old Spice and MANta Claus have presented gifts to the folks at Beauty Junkies, 25 internet friends, the town of Baltimore and Australia (yes, the entire country).

To Australia, this gift was a gift I gave 1.5 kabillion years ago, on a Tuesday. It was the gift of using my forearm muscles to separate your land from the rest of Pangaea and push you out into the Pacific, Mustafa says, holding an atlas with a Christmas bow.

Because of my strong arm generosity, you are now a fully independent continent full of exotic wildlife, sunny relaxing weather and attractive females with adorable accents. You're welcome, he continues.

According to the MANta Claus gift tracker near the end of the Australia video, more than 22 million people have been gifted on day one.

In February 2010, Old Spice hired Mustafa to appear in a series of commercials for their The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign. The first video has since been viewed by more than 37 million people on YouTube (its follow-up videos have also enjoyed similar popularity).

This past summer, Mustafa and Fabio took part in a special YouTube faceoff called Mano a Mano in el Bano, which Mustafa won.

Scroll down to see the results from day one of the Old Spice guy -- MANta Claus -- and his 7 billion gift giving mission.