"Once Upon A Time"

ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” premiered its second season this past Sunday, and somehow left fans with more questions! With a crazy twist, lost characters and mysterious new people, season two of the hit drama is heating up fast. Check out five new spoilers for the rest of the upcoming season.

This past Sunday fans had a lot to wrap their heads around. With the curse on Storybrooke finally broken, the residents confronted Regina about her curse and returning to their land. Unfortunately, Regina tells them that their Fairytale Land no longer exists. As the residents decide what to do with the Evil Queen, Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin decides to take matters into his own hands, sending a wraith to Regina to steal her soul. Gold's plan backfired though when David, Mary Margaret and Emme decided to help Regina for Henry's sake. Hatching a plan to send the wraith into a portal, Emma ended up getting sucked in, resulting in Mary Margaret jumping in after her long lost daughter.

Besides Storybrooke, viewers were also taken back to Fairytale Land, where they discovered that a section of the land did not get transported to Storybrooke. Instead the fairytale characters there remained frozen in time for 28 years until the curse was broken. Meanwhile a third location was introduced to fans...New York City! A “Mysterious Man” in the apple received a Storybrooke postcard from a pigeon with the word “Broken” on the back. So, what should fans expect from the rest of season two of “Once Upon A Time?”

1. Jefferson Returns - According to E! Online, viewers will be seeing more of Jefferson/ the Mad Hatter. With Emma and Mary Margaret/Snow White getting sucked into the portal (the Mad Hatter’s hat) back to Fairytale Land, next week David/Prince Charming will go to Jefferson for help returning to the land. Since magic is different in Storybrooke, it’s not going to be as easy as Jefferson getting his hands on his old hat.

2. Lancelot - Viewers will be meeting Lancelot this season, but it might not be a good thing for Prince Charming. Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis revealed to TVLine that Lancelot shares a secret with Snow...a secret that Prince Charming may not know about. The co-creators also teased that it’s a very “complicated” relationship between the three of them.

  1. 3. Meet Henry’s Father - Have no fear “Once Upon A Time” fans...you WILL be meeting Henry’s father this season. Kitsis told the Huffington Post that viewers will be treated to a flashback to Emma’s past in episode six. In that episode is when fans will be introduced to Henry’s mysterious father.

  2. 4. Prince Phillip - This past Sunday we saw a wraith suck out Prince Phillip's soul...but does that mean this is the last time we’ll be singing the Prince? While Princess Aurora and Mulan seemed to have laid him to rest, Kitsis had a really interesting take on the new character. “I mean, all I saw was his soul being sucked out...,” the co-creator teased. It looks like we may not have seen the end of Prince Phillip.

  1. 5. Emma’s Love Life - Emma may be sucked into another world, but that doesn’t mean her love life has to suffer. According to E! Online, Emma will definitely be getting a love interest this season. As for who it may be, Kitsis teased that “There may be a few people we haven’t met yet.”

"Once Upon A Time" airs at 8 p.m. Sunday nights on ABC.