“Once Upon a Time” co-creator Adam Horowitz really loves the fans of his ABC fairytale drama. The executive producer and writer took to Twitter once again to give his followers a sneak peek at the title for Season 4 episode 2.

“Here’s another #OnceUponATime #titlespoiler,” Horowitz tweeted over the weekend. “Hope to see ya 9/28 for Season 4!”

The photo that accompanied Horowitz’s text was of the front page of the Season 4 episode 2 script. Underneath the show’s logo is the title for the coming episode: “White Out.”

The only confirmed information on episode 2 is that it was written by the talented Jane Espenson. Espenson is a long-time consulting producer and writer for the ABC series, who also worked on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Gilmore Girls” and “Dollhouse,” among many other shows.

While “Once Upon a Time” fans will have to wait and see what kind of drama will unfold in “White Out,” the title makes it easy to assume that it will have something to do with the “Frozen” newcomers.

Viewers will remember that Season 3 concluded with Snow Queen Elsa, a character from Disney’s 2013 animated film, making her way into Storybrooke. The Snow Queen had been trapped in an urn in Rumplestiltskin’s dungeon in the Enchanted Forest of the past. Unbeknownst to the Storybrooke residents, Elsa hitched a ride with Emma and Hook when they made their way back to the present.

Since Elsa accidentally cast an eternal winter upon her city of Arendelle in the Disney movie, the “Once Upon a Time” characters may find themselves in a similar situation in “White Out." As we previously reported, Season 4 of the hit series will focus on “Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming, The Evil Queen, Hook and all the other resident fairy tale characters as they prepare to defend themselves against a magical force from the past that’s too dark and unpredictable even for Rumplestiltskin – The Ice Queen.”

While it hasn’t been confirmed if “Frozen’s” Elsa will be good or evil when she makes her way to Storybrooke, fans are speculating that it’s another new character that will be taking on the role as “The Ice Queen.”

Elizabeth Mitchell, formerly of “Lost,” was added to the “Once Upon a Time” cast in early July. Her role is being kept hush-hush, but Entertainment Weekly reported at the time that the character is linked to “Frozen” and could be “villainous.” The website teased that Mitchell’s introduction of her character is expected to take place after the events that occurred in the 2013 Disney movie.

Mitchell isn’t the only new face joining Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time.” “Frozen” characters Elsa, Anna and Kristoff have also been cast for the coming season. Georgina Haig was cast as Elsa, while Elizabeth Lail has signed on as Anna, and Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff.

Filming for Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time” is currently underway. The show is set to premiere its new season on Sept. 28.