“Once Upon a Time” fans received a little bit more information on the upcoming fourth season of the ABC hit series. The network released an extended synopsis of the Season 4 fairytale drama, hinting at relationship problems, inner struggles, new characters and more. Check out 7 things we learned about the Storybrooke gang before the Season 4 premiere on Sept. 28:

1. Elsa’s Past

Who in the world is Elsa? While “Frozen” fans may be familiar with the Snow Queen, the Storybrooke residents might not have that much info on the mysterious (and potentially dangerous) newcomer. Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time” will time travel to the past to discover not only how Elsa ended up a prisoner of Rumplestiltskin, but what happened to her sister Anna and Kristoff.

2. Naughty Or Nice Regina

Regina was finally able to break the “Evil Queen” title in Season 3 of “Once Upon a Time.” However the finale ended with circumstances that could send Regina spiraling back into her villainous ways.

Fans will remember that Emma and Hook thought they were doing the right thing by bringing back a prisoner of the Evil Queen’s from the Enchanted Forest of the past. But when they returned to modern day they discovered that the prisoner they brought back wasn’t any old person – it was Marian, the presumed dead wife of Robin Hood. The reunion was joyous for Robin Hood, but not so much for Regina, who had started up a romantic relationship with him.

Season 4 will explore whether the return of Marian means the end of Regina’s relationship with Robin Hood – and if she’ll resort to her “old, evil ways and do everything in her power to get even” with Emma.

3. Belle And Rumplestiltskin’s Marriage Bliss

Belle and Rumplestiltskin tied the knot at the end of Season 3, and will continue to be in wedded bliss come Season 4. However one of Rumplestiltskin’s dark secrets could tear that all apart. The synopsis teases that as long as he is the “master of the dagger that calls upon him to be the Dark One,” his relationship with Belle will be at risk.

4. Emma And Hook’s Relationship

Are Emma and Hook ready to take their relationship to the next level? After the steamy Season 3 finale kiss, Season 4 will continue to explore their new love. But the question will be whether they can truly “commit to one another” and if they can move forward in their relationship.

5. Mary Margaret And David’s New Baby Troubles

Prince Neal is hands down going to pampered and showered with love by Mary Margaret and David. But the new parents will still be fighting some inner demons. The extended synopsis teases that Snow White and Prince Charming will still feel sad about being unable to raise Emma, and losing her for 28 years.

6. Henry’s Light

Henry might be happy to have both Emma and Regina back in his life, however he too will have some demons to fight. Because of Emma and Rumplestiltskin’s blood running through his veins, Henry will “be tested by both the light and the darkness.”

7. Welcome, Will Scarlet

“Once Upon a Time in Wonerland” may have been cancelled, but one fairytale character will be crossing over. Will Scarlet, who is a former member of Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men, will end up in Storybrooke. The synopsis teases that he will find himself “intertwined in the goings-on in town for the first time as his mysterious past pushes him to an unknown future.”

“Once Upon a Time” Season 4 will premiere on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. EDT.