A huge stomach could possibly mean one thing you have already stored a considerable amount of visceral fat. There is danger here considering that out of all the “fats” out there, this one is the most dangerous since it is the one that is close to vital organs.

You can find visceral fat in the abdominal cavity. It is close to the intestines, liver, and pancreas. The moment that you have a lot of this kind of fat, your risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes also increases.

So how would you be able to get rid of this nasty fat? There is one effective diet, which has been proved to help get rid of visceral fat.

Go Keto

A March 2019 study revealed that the keto diet effectively reduces visceral fat. This kind of diet is basically low in carbs but high in fat. Protein is also included to complete the nutritional needs of the body.

The study itself was commissioned by the US military. This came after a number of concerns were raised due to the increasing problem of obesity within the US military.

keto diet can help get rid of visceral fat
keto diet can help get rid of visceral fat Mrs Kallend - Pixabay

As reported by Express, the study was entitled Extended Ketogenic Diet and Physical training Intervention in Military Personnel. There were 29 people who participated, where 15 of them were put on a keto diet. The other 14 continued with their own regular diets.

The result of the study was astonishing. The 15 individuals who followed the keto diet were able to lose 17 pounds in the three months study period. They got to shed off 5.1% of body fat. Out of this 5.1%, 44% was visceral fat.

The study also noted that they improved their insulin sensitivity by 48%. As a result, they got to reduce their risk of developing diabetes.

Keto Foods

Now that it has been established how effective the keto diet is at getting rid of visceral fat, it is time to take note of what foods are included in this diet.

Some of the best foods that you could have in a keto diet would include eggs, unprocessed meat, fish, seafood, high-fat dairy like cheese and butter, and vegetables that grow above the ground. You could also go for nuts and berries, but both of them should be eaten in moderation.