• "One Piece" Chapter 1001 is set to drop on Jan. 17
  • The upcoming chapter is reportedly titled "The Beginning"
  • The new chapter would reportedly show Zoro doing an "Oden" to Kaido

"One Piece" Chapter 1001 would show Roronoa Zoro cut the strongest creature in the world, a feat only Kozuki Oden was able to accomplish in the past.

The much-awaited fight between some Emperors of the Sea and Supernovas would finally happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1001 if the latest set of unconfirmed spoilers is to go by. Several details about the upcoming chapter of the popular manga were shared on Twitter by user Stairskun. Based on the spoilers, Zoro would cut Kaido using one of his attacks.

In the previous chapters of the manga, Hyori gave Zoro Oden's Enma in exchange for Ryuma's Shusui, which is a national treasure in the Land of Wano. The Enma, along with the Ame no Habakiri, are the only blades known to ever injure the Beasts Pirates captain. It seems that Zoro would do Kaido another "Oden" if the unconfirmed spoilers are to be believed.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 - Kaido Character Trailer - PS4/XB1/NSW/PC
Governor of the Animal Kingdom Pirates. One of the Four Emperors reigning over the New World. Kaido besieged Wano Country ... Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe YouTube Channel

"One Piece" Chapter 1001 spoilers also mentioned that Kaido would launch a counter-attack on the Pirate Hunter in the form of Raimie Hakke or Thunder Bagua. This would reportedly send Zoro flying into rubble despite his effort to block it. The spoilers revealed that the upcoming chapter would not be a good one for the fans of Supernovas.

Despite their powerful and relentless attacks, fans would reportedly see Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer and Law all bleeding with Killer's mask already cracked. The two Emperors of the Sea would seem fired up. Kaido would reportedly declare that he would kill them all while Big Mom would tell the Supernovas to come at her.

Does this mean that the Supernovas are no match against both Big Mom and Kaido? It is worth noting that this particular set of spoilers are unconfirmed by the "One Piece" subreddit admins and insiders. Others believe that it is fake since it came out ahead of the official release of "One Piece" Chapter 1000.

Just like all other spoilers, "One Piece" fans should try to temper their expectations with this latest set of Chapter 1001 details. Spoilers like this one should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

"One Piece" Chapter 1001 is set to drop on Jan. 17.