• "One Piece" Chapter 1005 is reportedly titled "Devil's Child"
  • The incoming manga installment is set to arrive Feb. 28
  • The latest "One Piece" Chapter 1005 spoilers offer updates on the action taking place at the Onigashima War

"One Piece" Chapter 1005 reveals that a member of the Straw Hats Pirates is in trouble and, at one point, out her Nakama's name for help. The incoming chapter also gives fans updates on Jack the Drought and Kaidou's daughter Yamato.

"One Piece" Chapter 1005 is still a few days away, but fans now have the idea of what to look forward to, thanks to gyrozepp95 and Korean insiders on Reddit. Based on the latest set of spoilers, Sanji is in trouble, and he lays on the spiderweb-like trap set by Black Maria. At some point, Black Leg Sanji apparently cries for Robin's help telling her of his location and his present condition.

It appears that Sanji's plea is being broadcasted all over the Skull Dome courtesy of the animals bearing the paper with an eye. Apparently, these are not animals but cyborgs and serve as Kaidou's spies. Sanji's action triggered different kinds of reactions from those who heard it.

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For Black Maria's subordinates, it is a form of betrayal, but Nami reportedly laments at the situation, saying that "her rival is a woman." Robin and Brook come to rescue their Nakama, with Brook freezing Black Maria's web and Robin attacking one of the Robi Toppo members using a giant hand. Robin then thanked Sanji for his trust.

The last panel of "One Piece" Chapter 1005 teases that Black Maria will fight against Brook and Robin. Aside from being one of the best pirate chefs in the world, Sanji is an excellent fighter and has an impressive record of being strong characters. However, he swore that he would never lay his hands on any woman even if that woman is his enemy and would kill him.

It seems that Black Maria is not only aware of it but exploited it in the upcoming chapter. The spoilers also claim that some of Kaidou's subordinates found Yamato. Meanwhile, Jack the Drought is apparently planning to kill the scabbards. These details are not official and while the insiders have an impeccable record of giving accurate information, some details might vary with the official manga version.

The incoming manga installment is set to arrive Feb. 28.