• New spoilers for "One Piece" Chapter 1006 are now available online
  • The upcoming manga installment is titled"Hyogoro of the Flower, The Chivalrous"
  • "One Piece" Chapter 1006 is scheduled to arrive on March 7

"One Piece" Chapter 1006 apparently offers updates on Perospero and Marco, which, as hinted by the latest spoilers, could team-up to fight Kaido's Lead Performers' King the Conflagration and Queen the Plague.

The road to damnation or redemption is still a long way for the Land of Wano if the latest set of "One Piece" Chapter 1006 is to be believed. Thanks to Redon and some Korean insiders in the community, fans now know that the upcoming manga installment, aside from putting to the spotlight the former Yakuza boss Hyogoro the Flower, also gives updates on Charlotte Perospero. The spoilers offer two possible scenarios for Marco the Phoenix and Perospero.

"One Piece" Chapter 1006 shows Marco fighting against Kaidou's All-Stars' King and Queen. Interestingly the spoilers tease that Perospero "discovers" Marco. The first possible scenario is what many fans have long been waiting for after their failed alliance -- both characters fighting side by side. 

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This would be interesting since it could mean Perospero violating his mother's direct order and putting Big Mom's coalition with Kaidou on murky waters. It will have a long and lasting effect on his family if Kaidou wins the war in Onigashima. The other scenario is for the Tottoland's Minister of Candy to help King and Queen fight Marco.

Fans know that Perospero disagrees with Big Mom's decision to ally with Kaidou. In fact, he already forged a temporary alliance with Marco when he thought his mother died in the waterfall. Will fans finally see Marco and Perospero fighting side by side in "One Piece" Chapter 1006 and onwards? Aside from this, the latest spoilers for the upcoming manga installment also revealed that Sanji has a hard time making up his mind on which group to help.

It appears that everyone's favorite chef eventually comes up with a decision after much self-deliberation. He is just not sure whether he made the right choice, though. Did he choose Kinemon's group, which members are already half-dead and whose lives are threatened by Jack the Drought? Did Sanji pick Momonosuke's party, which Yamato and Shinobu valiantly defend?

"One Piece" Chapter 1006 is set to arrive on March 7. The upcoming installment is titled "Hyogoro of the Flower, The Chivalrous."