• "One Piece' Chapter 1011 is titled "Red Bean (Anko) Code of Honor"
  • The upcoming manga installment is set to arrive on April 25
  • The manga will have another break after "One Piece" Chapter 1011

"One Piece" Chapter 1011 is loaded with surprising scenes that go beyond what fans anticipated and predicted. This includes a new homie, Kid's newfound enemy, an update on Usopp and Nami and a new friend to fight against Kaidou's minions.

The latest set of "One Piece" Chapter 1011 spoilers and summary are courtesy of Redon from Arlong Park forums, gyrozzep95 on Reddit and other insiders in the community. The chapter begins at the edge of Onigashima Dome, where Big Mom creates a new homie called Hera. Unlike her other homies, Hera is a female and seems to be purely made of thunder.

Charlotte Linlin then launches an attack called Fulgora against Kid and Killer to test her new home's power. At the roof of the Skull Dome, Zeus sets himself free and to prevent him from calling Big Mom back, Law has to catch him. The Supernova then transports Zoro and Zeus away from the roof, leaving Luffy alone with Kaidou.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Kaidou begin fighting. When Luffy's kick clashes with Kaidou's kanabo, it creates a massive Shockwave that the entire Onigashima felt.

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Big Mom's attack hits the side of Onigashima Dome, blows away Kid and Killer into the castle and leaves a massive hole. Kid and Killer run to find Big Mom so she could not return on the roof and join Kaidou. However, they meet Kaidou's minion and Basil Hawkins. Kid calls Hawkins a traitor, while the latter admits that he was also betrayed by Apoo and decides not to win a fight he could not win.

Killer decides to fight Hawkins and instructs Kid to find Big Mom. Hawkins predicts that Killer has a 92% chance of dying but Killer dismisses him and claims that he believes in his ability and not in predictions.

Meanwhile, page One jumps on Komachiyo on the 2nd floor, so Nami and Usopp attack him in different parts of his body but to no avail. Tama pleads to Komachiyo to hang on a little bit longer since she intends to ask for the Gifters' help once they reach the Live Stage.

Usopp and Nami feel that they could not protect Tama after seeing the little girl tremble in fear. Usopp fights Page One using his Hanabi Bana attack, which causes the Robi Toppo to fall to the ground. After that, Usopp launches his Baku Bokkuri attack, which creates a huge explosion. However, Page One can still get up, proving that he is a formidable enemy.

Big Mom suddenly appears in front of them. The yonko remembers Usopp and Nami and is about to attack them when Tama screams "Olin-chan." Suddenly, the yonko's expression shifts and she now wears a friendly smile.

According to Prometheus, Big Mom enters into her Mother mode. Apparently, this mode only surfaces when she deals with children below 10 years old. The yonko is surprised to see Tama and asks her why she is in such a dangerous place.

Tama tells her that she's worried about her since the last time she saw her was when the Yonko was taken away at the Udon Prison. Big Mom is grateful for Tama's kindness and remembers how they went to Okobore, where Tama let her eat oshiruko. Tama tells the yonko that Kaidou's men destroyed Okobore and after recalling the time she ate the red bean soup, she gets furious.

Page One catches up with Nami and Usopp and tells Big Mom to stop them from escaping. The Tobi Roppo is about to swallow Tama, Nami and Usopp when Big Mom steps in front of them and punches Page One using the Color of the Supreme King Haki fist. She tells Paypay that no matter how evil Pirates are, they still observe some sort of a moral code.

Kid hears Big Mom and hurriedly goes to her location. Zeus is already at the scene while Ulti arrives last. She is shocked that Big Mom punched Page One. Her body shakes seeing the incident transpire while Kaidou's minions, who have witnessed the scene panic.