• The manga is currently on break
  • "One Piece" 1020 would reportedly release on Aug. 1
  • "One Piece" 1020 will be available on Viz and Manga Plus

It looks like fans will have to wait a bit before they can get their hands on "One Piece" 1020 manga installment, including its spoilers, raw scans as it is currently on a week-long break.

"One Piece" 1020 will not be released next Sunday because of the Olympics in Japan. Instead, fans can expect the upcoming chapter's spoilers between July 27 and 28, while the raw scans could surface as early as July 29. As for its official release, industry insiders claimed the next manga installment would drop on Aug. 1.

Spoilers and predictions

Fans were in for a treat when the previous "One Piece" chapter showcased the intense fight between Franky and Sasaki. Before that, the manga highlighted the explosive battle between Jinbei and Whos Who. With the manga offering updates on the status of almost all the Straw Hats and highlighting their respective battles, it is safe to say "One Piece" 1020 might finally showcase the fight between Nico Robin and Black Maria.

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Fans would probably get an update about Brook also as, according to the latest update, he was fighting alongside Robin against Tobi Roppo's Black Maria and her minions. The upcoming chapter might provide a glimpse of the battle between Kaido and his son Yamato, and more details about Yamato's Devil Fruit, as well as her hybrid form.

Apart from those, the next chapter might show Roronoa Zoro back in action after Miyagi administered the super medicine to him. Fans could also get an update on the fight between Sanji and Queen the Plague. Luffy has asked for meat from Law's crew in the previous chapter, but it is unclear if he is already awake.

"One Piece" 1020 may provide an update on Otama, Nami and Usopp. Last time, some Gifters and Smile users chased them after they learned the kid has the power to command those who have eaten her kibi dango. The manga has not yet offered any update on King the Conflagration, Jack, Big Mom, Nekomamushi, Perospero, Marco the Phoenix, XDrake, Basil Hawkins and the Akazaya Nine. Hopefully, fans will see them in action in the upcoming chapter.

Fans can read "One Piece" 1020 on Viz and Manga Plus.