• A new "One Piece" chapter will not release this Sunday, insiders say
  • The upcoming chapter will reportedly release on Sept. 19
  • "One Piece" 1025 is titled "Image of the Double Dragon" 

"One Piece" 1025 will reportedly showcase Kaido vs. Luffy, Yamato and Momonosuke mega battle. It is believed that Oden's heir could be instrumental in saving the Flower Capital from its utter destruction. 

"One Piece" 1025 will not release this coming Sunday but thanks to TalkOP and Redon, the first set of spoilers for the upcoming chapter is out now. This gives fans something to talk about while waiting for the manga's official release. 

The latest spoilers suggest Luffy and Momonosuke will finally reach the roof of the Skull Dome in Onigashima. However, before reaching Kaido and Yamato's location, Oden's son will have a hard time flying because he is scared. 

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It appears that despite Momonosuke's instant trip to adulthood, he never outgrew his phobia. Momo will fly with his eyes closed and will be able to reach the island because of Luffy's encouragement. 

Since he is flying blind (literally), he would not be able to get directly into the roof and would instead hit the dome with his head. As soon as they reached Kaido's location, Luffy will reportedly attack Kaido using Gear 4: Jet Culverine. 

The spoilers also revealed that Yamato will also attack his father simultaneously.  At some point in the chapter, Momo and Kaido, both in their dragon forms, would face each other. 

The insider provided a leaked image of the chapter, which shows a terrified Momo facing the strongest creature in the series. Unfortunately, this is where the chapter ends. 

While Momonosuke has grown into an adult, he is reportedly not yet ready to go toe-to-toe against Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates. The mega-fight would most likely center on Luffy and Yamato vs. Kaido. 

Onigashima is floating and it will only take less than 15 minutes for the island to land in the Flower Capital. And, it looks like this is where Momonosuke's power will come into play. 

Oden's son, in his dragon form, can create clouds that can bear his entire weight while he climbs. Since Momo is now an adult, and his dragon form has grown a lot bigger, the clouds he produced could have also become huge. 

Momo can create a group of these massive clouds under the floating Onigashima island so that it would not crash into the Flower Capital. But, if this happens, it might not be included in the next chapter. 

"One Piece" 1025 is scheduled to launch on Sept. 19. The upcoming chapter is reportedly titled "Image of the Double Dragon."