• "One Piece" 1040 is set to release on Feb. 6
  • The upcoming chapter might showcase Luffy and Kaido's fight
  • "One Piece" 1040 will also most likely provide an update on Law and Kid vs Big Mom fight

"One Piece" 1040 is expected to showcase the mega-fight between Luffy and Kaido on the roof of the Skull Dome and it might also reveal the reason why Zunesha was seen by some World Government dogs on their way to Wano.

The latest set of spoilers for "One Piece" 1040 has not yet surfaced online but based on the most recent manga installment, it appears that some members of the Worst Generation are going to finally destroy the World Government's yonko system. In the previous chapter, readers learned about the strategic and never-say-die moves of Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law, who seemingly overpowered the Emperor of the Sea Charlotte Linlin or Big Mom.

While fans expect that the fight could linger, there is a general feeling within the fandom that the two captains would finally put an end to Big Mom's reign. One content creator and translator who goes by the name newworldarthur pointed out a pattern, which seemingly suggests that Big Mom will soon be defeated.

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Taking note of the chapters' titles, the Twitter user mentioned that Chapter 1034 is titled "Sanji Vs. Queen," Chapter 1035 is titled "Zoro Vs. King" and Chapter 1038 is titled "Kid & Law Vs. Big Mom." It turns out that in these chapters Sanji and Zoro won.

So, there might be a chance that Big Mom might be defeated in the upcoming chapters by Kid and Law. "Wait, uhm... given the pattern with the Sanji and Zoro fights, I have a mild concern that Big Mom might've actually been defeated this chapter... surely not yet," the content creator tweeted.

Moreover, Kaido has overpowered Luffy multiple times but it may be recalled that the Straw Hats' captain promised after his most recent defeat that he will beat Kaido. Luffy always keeps his promise and while nobody knows who will win in the showdown on top of the Skull Dome, fans anticipate that Luffy will finally set Wano Kuni free from the yonko's clutches.

Luffy has dismantled the Shichibukai system of the World Government after he defeated and exposed Crocodile's evil schemes, overthrew, ended Doflamingo's reign and befriended Boa Hancock. With Luffy's vision that everyone should be free, it looks like the next powerful pirate group that apparently maintains the balance of the world, is going to crumble.

If Law and Kid defeat Big Mom and Luffy kicks Kaido out of Wano, the only remaining Emperors of the Sea are Shanks and Blackbeard. Kurohige aims to be the next pirate king and will surely be one of the ultimate villains as Luffy inches closer to Raftel.

That leaves Shanks, which is Luffy's biggest influence. It remains to be seen if Shanks will fight Luffy or something big and unexpected will happen after the Wano arc.

However, with the two yonko defeated by the new breed of pirates, it is safe to say that the system will eventually crumble. "One Piece" 1040 might also provide the reason for Zunisha's travel to Wano.

The major significance of Zunisha's presence near Wano is the potential reinforcement for the alliance courtesy of the Mink forces. The gigantic elephant has been wandering for thousands of years and its arrival in Wano might indicate that it has finally reached its destination.

But, these details are not yet official and what will happen in the War in Onigashima and the significance of Zunisha's presence in the previous chapter is everybody's guess. "One Piece" 1040 is scheduled to roll out on Feb. 6.

The new set of spoilers might come out sometime between Wednesday and Thursday. The raw scans might surface online between Friday and Saturday.