• "One Piece" 1050 is titled "Eruption"
  • The upcoming chapter is set to release Sunday
  • "One Piece" 1050 shows Orochi's head is charred and still burning

"One Piece" 1050 spoilers reveal that the epic fight between the strongest pirates of the Worst Generation and some of the Emperors of the Sea finally has ended, but the sweet and long-awaited victory might be short-lived as another threat hovers over Wano Kuni.

The latest set of spoilers of "One Piece" 1050 are now available online and it highlights that the narrator has finally declared Luffy, the winner. Following this, those under the MInks-Samurai-Pirates-Ninja Alliance rejoice, while the Beast Pirates crew still tries to fight the alliance members.

Hyogoro The Flower begs the opposing side to stop, claiming he can no longer feel even the faintest of Kaido's presence. Marco the Phoenix confirms Hyogoro's claim as the winning Samurais cry while kneeling on the floor. Nami and Tama also drop on the floor crying after hearing the good news.

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While the people in Onigashima are in emotional jubilation, the Flower Capital has a different vibe as Mt. Fuji starts spewing lava and the ground begins to tremble. The captain of the Beast Pirates has returned to his human form, while Orochi's head can be seen lying on the ground, charred and still burning.

Big Mom, just like her former Rocks Pirate comrade Kaido, is also defeated and is shown with her eyes shut and covered with blood. In Onigashima, Law and Kidd discuss what will happen next and the latter shares he is going out of Wano in search of another yonko, Shanks.

He also warns Law that if he and Luffy get in his way, he will attack them. Law confidently answers that he can try, but he might have a hard time bringing him and Luffy down. Kidd, in disbelief, mocks Law and asks if he plans to continue to ally with Luffy.

The once undefeated Tobi Roppo, meanwhile, is all tied up with sea stone cuffs. The remaining members of the Beast Pirates, who are still bewildered how and why the strongest creature of the world was defeated, are surrendering one by one.

In the Flower Capital, people are not moving because of the folklore that if Mt. Fuji begins to shake and eventually erupts, it will open the closed country of Wano and level the sea, allowing the place to be accessible to everyone.

As people locate Luffy, the drums of Liberation begin to sound and it makes them happy. As they start to celebrate, Mt. Fuji erupts. On a double-page, the entire island and Zunisha are shown surrounded by seawater with the World Government ships destroyed by the behemoth waves.

Zunisha says that Joy Boy's dream has started and the ancient elephant cries while saying these words. The last page of "One Piece" 1050 shows Joy Boy arriving and is prepared to bring the world to its knees.

Luffy is bleeding and his left eye has a hole. The Straw Hats captain appears dried up, but he smiles and shouts for food.

"One Piece" 1050 is reportedly titled "Eruption" and is set to drop Sunday. The upcoming chapter's raw scans could surface online sometime between Wednesday and Saturday.