• "One Piece"1049 is reportedly titled "The World We Should Aspire To"
  • The upcoming manga is set to roll out Sunday
  • "One Piece"1049 offers an update on Raizo's strategy

Loaded with interesting revelations, "One Piece" 1049 showcases the long-awaited end of the battle on the roof of the Skull Dome and the fall from power of the strongest creature on the planet.

The early set of spoilers for "One Piece" 1049 is now available online, thanks to an insider in the community. The chapter, titled "The World We Should Aspire To," will reportedly let readers take a peek at the childhood of one of the Emperors of the Sea in the Vodka Kingdom.

It was on this island that Kaidou met Whitebeard, a powerful pirate, who later became one of the legendary Emperors of the Sea. It turned out Whitebeard was sent by Rocks D. Xebec, the mythical captain of the notorious Rocks Pirate, to fetch Kaidou so that he could meet him personally.

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Aside from Kaidou's mini flashback, "One Piece" 1049 provides updates on the happenings in Onigashima, according to spoilers. Raizo, who in the previous chapter engineered a strategy to put out the raging fire engulfing the entire Onigashima, gets his plan working.

The water, which he stored in his scroll, leaves the castle and the Flame Clouds that keep Onigashima afloat disappear. However, thanks to Yamato's encouragement and Luffy's instruction, Momonosuke was able to create enough Homuragumo to prevent the island from crashing down and move it away from the Flower Capital.

On the roof, Luffy and Kaidou are still fighting and the Straw Hats' captain tells the yonko he wants to create a world where his friends would not starve. Luffy hits Kaidou with a powerful attack, causing the yonko to meteorically fall to the ground of the Flower Capital.

It is not yet clear if Luffy has ultimately defeated Kaidou, but the manga takes readers back to a scene where Kaidou was shown talking to the king. The Emperor of the Sea tells his trusted minion that Joy Boy is the man who can defeat him, suggesting he is already beaten and Luffy could be the Joy Boy of this generation.

"One Piece" 1049 is set to release coming Sunday.