• "One Piece" 1059 releases Sunday
  • The upcoming chapter tells the story of what happened in Amazon Lily
  • Luffy and his crew arrive at a new island at the end of "One Piece" 1059

A major character in the series makes his move in "One Piece" 1059 and the events put Luffy at the eye of a troublesome storm, all while the young pirate is on his way to find the legendary treasure the Pirate King had confirmed to exist. With legendary characters like Rayleigh reappearing in the series, a major event that would change the history of mankind in the series is very imminent.

The latest set of spoilers from reliable industry insiders revealed that some of the fan-favorite characters in the manga will steal the limelight from the Straw Hats in "One Piece" 1059. The upcoming chapter focuses on Coby (Luffy's first friend), Boa Hancock (the empress of the Amazon Lily, leader of the Kuja pirates and Luffy's lover), Marco (Ace's crewmate) and Rayleigh (Luffy's mentor and the right-hand man of the Pirate King).

The supremacy of the Pirate Empress

"One Piece" 1059 reveals the supremacy of Boa Hancock, the Snake Princess and the Pirate Empress who was once a shichibukai. The Marine, headed by Coby's team, invaded Amazon Lily and Hancock, being the powerful empress that she is, transformed the majority of the intruders into stone.

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Interestingly, in the middle of the Marine invasion, Blackbeard, who is on a shopping spree of formidable devil fruits, attacked the island to obtain the Pirate Empress' power, the Mero Mero no mi. Unfortunately, Hancock also turned Marshall D. Teach's comrades, Vasco and Catarina Devon, into stone.

Boa Hancock has a new bounty of 1.659 billion Berries.

The Dark King, other legendary pirates reappear

"One Piece" 1059 also shows Dark King Rayleigh appearing in Amazon Lily to stop the fight. It turned out everybody listened but unfortunately, it wasn't enough to stop Blackbeard and his crew from taking with him Coby.

Blackbeard has a new bounty of 3.996 billion Berries.

The spoilers also talk about the new Pacifista model, dubbed Seraphim. Unlike their usual Kuma-ish appearance, the almost indestructible warriors are huge children sporting white hair, brown skin and black wings.

Finally, Shanks and the Red Hair pirates take Marco the Phoenix near Whitebeard's homeland Sphinx. He leaves the ship and flies toward the island. Luffy and his crew, meanwhile, arrive at a new island.

"One Piece" 1059 releases Sunday.