• Following a week-long hiatus, "One Piece" Chapter 982 will drop as scheduled
  • The latest scans reveal that Kanjuro will beat Momo
  • "One Piece" 982 spoilers hint that Black Maria might be up to something 

Following the heated battle between Scratchmen Apoo and Eustass Kid, it looks like “One Piece” Chapter 982 would show the latest updates on various members of the Straw Hats alliance. The latest set of raw scans reveal that Big Mom would chase Chopper and Usop while Kanjuro would beat Momonosuke. It also hints that Black Maria might be planning something against Kaido.

“One Piece” Chapter 982: Big Mom Sees Chopper and Ussop

In “One Piece” chapter 931 Chopper along with Momonosuke, Kiku and Tama saw the unconscious Big Mom lying on the shoreline of Kuri beach. The Yonko had amnesia and lost her memories, which the frightened Chopper used to gain her momentary allegiance. In the previous chapter, fans saw that Big Mom made eye contact with Chopper.

Some fans believe that this moment might refresh Big Mom’s memory about what Chopper had done in the past. It looks like ”One Piece” Chapter 982 would show Big Mom running after Ussop and Chopper. Why is Big Mom chasing Chopper?

One Piece
“One Piece” Chapter 969 might show fans the fight between Oden and Kaido and might give a glimpse of what Roger and Whitebeard talked about more than a couple of decades ago. Bandai Namco/YouTube Screenshots

Is she planning to add Chopper to her collections, knowing that she finds the Straw Hat pirate adorable? Is the Yonko running after Chopper and Usopp to destroy them?

“One Piece” Chapter 982: Black Maria And Kaido

Earlier spoilers reveal that Who’s Who and his subordinates are preparing to look for Yamato. In the latest set of raw scans, Black Maria is not interested in looking for Kaido’s son. Instead, the spoiler claims that the Flying Six member would stay close with Kaido. This triggers many speculations among fans about the reason behind Black Maria’s decision.

Is the Flying Six member planning something against Kaido? Is she interested in the governor-general of the Beast Pirates? Does the Tobi Roppo member find searching for Yamato uninteresting?

“One Piece” Chapter 982: Kanjuro Finally Meet Orochi and Kaido

The latest set of “One Piece” chapter 982 scans reveal that Kanjuro will beat the hell out of Momonosuke. The traitor in Oden’s camp will finally get to talk to Orochi and Kaido and deliver the bad news to them. Interestingly, Kanjuro is not yet aware that the Straw Hats alliance landed in Onigashima and already penetrated Kaido’s mansion.

“One Piece” chapter 982 is scheduled to arrive on June 14, 2020.