• "One Piece" Chapter 985 will arrive on Jul 17, 2020 following a one-week hiatus
  • A new theory considers the possibility that Kaido might have tried to save Ace at the marinford
  • Fans are speculating about the mystery surrounding the shadow that Marco saw in "One Piece" Chapter 984

With all the hype building around the full reveal of Yamato, several theories surfaced online, one of which considered the possibility that Kaido may have attempted to save Ace at Marineford. Another theory talked about the likelihood that “One Piece” Chapter 985 might break the mystery behind the shadow that Marco saw in the most recent chapter. The manga will take a break this week, which means fans will have to wait longer before the chapter arrives.

“One Piece” Chapter 985: Kaido’s Love For Yamato

YouTube channel WanoKuniAnime in a recent video, talked about the possibility of Kaido’s attempt to save Ace at the Marineford. It can be recalled that Luffy’s big brother Ace was killed during the war at the marine base. Aside from Luffy, who made several desperate attempts to rescue his brother, it is a general knowledge that Whitebeard and his crew and not Kaido came for Ace.

However, the channel pointed out that Yamato and Ace might have made a special bond in the past. Because of Yamato’s relationship with Ace, it considered the possibility that Kaido’s daughter asked for his father’s help to save her friend from the marines. The theory also noted that Kaido’s love for Yamato might have triggered him to do this.

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Compared to Big Mom, who treats his sons and daughters like soldiers, several instances highlight Kaido’s love for his daughter. For instance, Yamato is a girl, but she wants to be like Oden, thereby pretending to be a man. The governor-general of the Beast Pirates called her son instead of daughter, which shows his support and tolerance to her decision. However, the channel also acknowledged that this theory might not be revealed.

“One Piece” Chapter 985: The Shadow That Marco Saw

In one of the panels of “One Piece” Chapter 985, Marco saw a shadow in the sea during his reunion with some of the scabbards. Fans have wild theories about this claiming that it could be Perospero’s considering that he was shown in the previous chapters traveling to Onigashima. But, based on the translation of the current chapter of the series, it appears that the shadow originated from under the sea, which may not be possible to be that of Big Mom’s son because he is a devil fruit user.

Others believe that it belongs to additional troops that would back up the Straw Hats alliance. At this point, the shadow is still a mystery but it’s only a matter of time that the fandom would learn more about it. Meanwhile, “One Piece” Chapter 985 is scheduled to drop on July 17, 2020.