• One of the All-Star members would reportedly show his real form in "One Piece" Chapter 989
  • The upcoming chapter drops on September 6
  • "One Piece" Chapter 990 arrives as scheduled on September 13

“One Piece” Chapter 989 would showcase the true form of one of the members of Kaido’s All-Star, according to a new set of spoilers. The upcoming chapters of the manga are going to be explosive since the war in Onigashima started. With exciting characters joining the fray, Queen the Conflagration would finally reveal his powerful form.

“One Piece” Chapter 989 would be another action-packed installment is the latest set of spoilers courtesy of Reddit user Yonkou Productions is to go by. Aside from the continuation of the fight between some members of the Straw Hats and Big Mom, the upcoming chapter would reportedly show the strategy of the Beast Pirates to protect Kaido. With Zoro and Luffy teaming up to reach Kaido, Queen the Plague would reportedly transform into his powerful form to prevent them.

Luffy and Zoro want to get into Kiado, fighting against the Minks and the Scabbards at the roof. To speed things up, Luffy would reportedly use his Gomu Gomu no Rocket tagging along Zoro. But they would be prevented from getting into the roof by Queen the Plague, according to spoilers.

Fans might finally get to know the identity of Kaido's son in the upcoming chapters of "One Piece." instacodez/flickr

Queen would reportedly transform into a dinosaur and would grab Luffy and Zoro using his mouth in “One Piece” Chapter 989. The spoilers do not go into details about Queen the Plague's form. It turns out Queen ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus, an ancient Zoan Devil Fruit.

Because of this, he can transform into a brachiosaurus hybrid and full brachiosaurus at will. Aside from this, Queen the Plague has a vast knowledge of virology, probably one of the reasons for his name. He invented deadly and infectious viruses, including the Excite Bullets.

These bullets are very powerful that it was able to stop Luffy. The virus made Luffy sick, who as the fandom knows, has never been sick all his life. “One Piece” Chapter 989 is titled “I Dont Think We Are Losing.” The upcoming chapter arrives on September 6.

There would be no break after “One Piece” Chapter 989. In other words, “One Piece” Chapter 990 drops on September 13.