• "One Piece" Chapter 989 arrives on September 6
  • The upcoming chapter of the manga is titled "You Are.."
  • "One Piece" Chapter 989 would allegedly reveal the traitor among Kaido's ally

“One Piece” Chapter 989 would reportedly unveil the betrayal within the Beast Pirates’ ranks. Over the past chapters, fans have varying theories that there is a within Kaido’s team. If the latest set of “One Piece” spoilers are to be believed, it looks like fans would finally get to know who will turn his back to one of the most powerful yonkos.

“One Piece” Chapter 989: Betrayal Within Beast Pirates

It appears that the formidable group Tobi Roppo is not really united based on the latest set of spoilers for “One Piece” Chapter 989. Thanks to Reddit user NinjA24LoL, X Drake would reportedly ally with Trafalgar Law of the Minks-Ninja-Pirates alliance. Unfortunately, the spoilers did not reveal many details about this new alliance, but it appears that X Drake brought other Tobi Roppo members with him.

Another set of unconfirmed spoilers shared by “One Piece” insider FreddieTaro claimed that X Drake would bring Black Maria and Sasuke in this new alliance. In “One Piece” Chapter 954 and 955, fans started building theories about a potential traitor in Kaido’s group when Trafalgar Law escaped.

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“One Piece” Chapter 989: Traitor’s Face Revealed

Law’s mysterious helper appeared in “One Piece” Chapter 954 and resurfaced in chapter 955. Many fans believed that the mysterious helper is X Drake, who had long been plotting to overturn Kaido and his crew. One theory claimed that X Drake was sent by the Marines to spy on Kaido.

Another popular theory is that X Drake would betray Kaido to avenge his crewmates. X Drake is a calculating pirate who uses his brain more than his skills most of the time. Fans first saw this at Sabaody when he was alarmed to see Admiral Kizaru. Unlike other pirates, X Drake was a marine and is familiar with the organization's formidable officials.

It is also possible that X Drake is gunning to be the Pirate King. With his fellow Worst Generation captains teaming up to beat Kaido, he might have decided to cooperate with them to achieve a common goal temporarily. The fandom saw this with Trafalgar law and Luffy’s alliance.