• "One Piece" Chapter 990 arrives on September 13
  • The upcoming chapter will continue with the fight in Onigashima
  • "One Piece" Chapter 990 is reportedly titled "A Lonely Soldier"

The latest set of spoilers for “One Piece” Chapter 990 is now out and it reveals that the upcoming chapter is titled “A Lonely Soldier.” The previous installment of the manga left fans at the onset of war in Onigashima. Amidst the chaos, it looks like one character is getting the spotlight in “One Piece” Chapter 990 as his alleged betrayal seems to have caught up with him.

The latest spoilers for “One Piece” Chapter 990 is courtesy of Reddit user Kirosh, who cites Redon of Arlong Park Forums as the source of information. Based on the spoilers, it looks like Whos Who and Queen the Plague already know the identity of the traitor within Kaido’s rank. Drake reportedly tells the injured Basil Hawkins that if he wants to betray Kaido, now is the best time.

While talking to Hawkins, “One Piece” Chapter 990 spoilers reveal that Whos Who appears in the room and asks X Drake to come and help him. The Tobi Roppo member says it would be difficult to handle “this” by himself. Not having any idea of what his colleague is talking about, X Drake asks Whos Who what it is about.

One Piece
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Instead of directly answering the question, Whos Who informs X Drake that he might kill the guy and invites Drake to see Queen the Plague. Misunderstanding his colleague’s statement, X Drake thought Whos Who is after Queen and asks why must he cause infighting in the middle of a war. “One Piece” Chapter 990 spoilers also reveal that a beaten X Drake with blood on his face is in front of Queen the plague and surrounded by Basil Hawkins and Whos Who.

Additionally, “One Piece” Chapter 990 spoilers disclose that Queen the Plague received information that someone saw X Drake helping Trafalgar Law escape from prison. Basil Hawkins reportedly adds that he suspected X Drake as the only person who could do it. The team interrogates X Drake and the former Marines member thinks that there is no getting out of his present situation.

“One Piece” Chapter 990 is set to arrive on September 13.