• "One Piece" Chapter 1012 tells the events in the ongoing war at Onigashima
  • The next manga installment will arrive on Sunday
  • "One Piece" Chapter 1012 is titled "Itching"

Some Supernovas will likely fight Big Mom in "One Piece" Chapter 1012. The spoilers for the upcoming chapter also offer new updates on Sanji and Zoro.

More details about the ongoing war in Onigashima are now available, courtesy of Redon, gyrozepp95 and other Korean insiders. It appears that Oda is laying the ground for the upcoming battle between Big Mom and some Supernova pirates. In the previous chapter of the manga, fans learned that Eustass Kid had witnessed how Charlotte Linlin mercilessly punched Page One and declared war against Kaidou's minions.

According to the latest set of "One Piece" Chapter 1012 spoilers, after giving Zoro to Sanji, Trafalgar Law hurried toward Big Mom's direction. The captain of the Hearts Pirates is bent to prevent the yonko from returning to the roof of the Skull Dome, where Luffy is currently fighting Kaidou. The spoilers hint at a possible fight between the Supernovas, probably Kidd and Law against Big Mom in the subsequent manga installments.

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"One Piece" Chapter 1012 spoilers have also revealed the current status of Sanji. It appears that Black Leg intends to help Momonosuke. He fights Kaidou's men on his way to Oden's son while carrying a massive cross on his back.

That cross is the heavily injured Roronoa Zoro. It turns out that Law, together with Zoro and Zeus, had appeared above Sanji when they left the roof of the Skull Dome. Law then told Sanji that Zoro broke about 20 to 30 bones in his body.

Being a thoughtful crewmate, Sanji treated Zoro's wounds, tied him to pieces of wood and put many bandages on Zoro's body, which made him look like a big cross.

"One Piece" Chapter 1012 shows Sanji running into Izou and Kawamatsu. The samurais tell him that Kinemon is already on his way to save Momonuske.

Zoro awakes and tells them to go to the Live Floor and help their other allies. He then goes back to sleep. "One Piece" Chapter 1012 is titled "Itching." The next manga installment is scheduled to arrive Sunday following a week-long hiatus due to Japan's Golden Week celebrations.