• "One Piece" Chapter 971 just made Oden a legendary pirate and leader
  • "One Piece Chapter 972 might reveal what happened to Lady Toki and Hyori
  • "One Piece" 972 might show Oden's death and the liberation of the Nine Scabbards

The latest chapter just made Oden a legend and one of the most memorable characters in “One Piece.” It also revealed the reason why the Daimyo of the Wano country sacrificed his pride and even his dignity and made a fool out of himself for five long years. “One Piece” Chapter 972 might shed more light on what happened to Lady Toki and Hyori, Oden’s death, and how the Scabbards and Momonosuke escaped Wano country.

One Piece” 972: Oden’s Final Deal With Kaido

“One Piece” Chapter 971 showed Oden making a final deal with Kaido. The Daimyo of Wano country agreed that he would get into the pot of boiling oil along with his retainers. However, Oden asked the captain of the Beast Pirates to set free those who could survive.

For Kaido, the idea was absurd, so he suggested that those who could survive the pot of boiling oil after an hour would be freed. “One Piece” Chapter 971 showed Oden carrying the Nine Scabbards sitting on a board. Although Orochi is against the idea, Kaido thinks an hour is too long for even a normal bath.

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Fans might learn a lot of history in "One Piece" chapter 960 as it will recount Oden's journey almost four decades ago.

In other words, Kaido does not think that Oden would survive that long inside a pot of boiling oil. But, as we all know, the Daimyo of Wano successfully managed to withstand the heat for an hour since all the scabbards managed to survive in the present timeline of “One Piece.” up to the very end, Oden showed that he belongs to the roster of legends that include Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger.

Reasons For Oden’s Actions In The Past Five Years

“One Piece” Chapter 971 also revealed reasons for Oden’s actions in the last five years. Through Shinobu, the manga explained that Oden sacrificed to protect the people of Wano from misfortune. It appears that aside from weapons, humans were kidnapped as a form of offering to Kaido.

Orochi made a deal with Oden that if he dances naked every week at the scheduled time, the kidnappings will stop, his dances would serve as a way of asking forgiveness to the Koruzumi clan, and after they have finished building the ship, they will leave Wano.

“One Piece” Chapter 972 might reveal the death of Oden as well as the events that followed. It might also show what happened to lady Toki and Hyori. There might be a few more chapters before the Oden and Wano country flashback ends. “One Piece” Chapter 972 would arrive on Feb. 23.