• The  revenge fight between Kaido and Oden's scabbards is one of the most-awaited scenes in "One Piece"
  • "One Piece" Chapter 988 would reportedly show the fight between Kaido, Nekomamushi, Ashuaduji and Denjiro
  • The upcoming chapter would reportedly show the Sulong form of Nekomamushi

“One Piece” Chapter 988 would reportedly reveal Nekomamushi’s trump card against Kaido. The previous chapter of the fan-favorite manga showed fans the context of the upcoming fight between the Oden’s scabbards and the Beast Pirates’ captain. It looks like fans would witness a more powerful Nekomamushi avenging Oden and Zou based on the latest spoilers.

“One Piece” Chapter 988: Nekomamushi’s Trump Card

“One Piece” Chapter 987 laid the foundation for the fight between Kaido and the Scabbards. The Beast Pirates’ captain was nostalgic and said that the fight reminds him of the events that happened a couple of decades ago. The previous chapter also hinted that something would happen in the upcoming chapter, which could provide a glimmer of hope to the Nina-Minks-Pirates Alliance in defeating Kaido.

In the previous chapter of the manga, Nekomamushi agreed to what Kaido said. He also mentioned that while the events resembled what happened twenty years ago, this night is different because it is full moon. The fandom is aware that the Minks tribe becomes extremely powerful when it is full moon. It seemed like Nekomamushi is telling Kaido that if they were not able to defeat him last time, maybe this time would be different.

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“One Piece” Chapter 988: Neko’s Sulong Form

One of the most-awaited reveal in “One Piece” Chapter 988 is the Sulong form of the Minks. The latest set of spoilers shared by “One Piece” fan and insider Freddie-San mentions that fans would finally see the Sulong form of Nekomamushi. According to the spoilers, in his Sulong form, Nekomamushi has two tails.

Kaido would be fighting against Denjiro, Ashuradoji and Nekomamushi. The King of the Night in Zou would reportedly fight the Beast Pirates’ captain with one while his other hand holds his two tails. Meanwhile, the spoilers also revealed that the three Minks’ Musketeers alongside Inuarashi would be fighting against Jack.

“One Piece” Chapter 988 is slated to arrive on August 24. The chapter is titled “I Waited A Lot” and would show the fight between Kaido and Oden’s Scabbards in the first few pages. The next chapter would not arrive as scheduled since there would be another one week break.