• "One Piece" Chapter 991 would reportedly show Whitebeard's second in command at Onigashima
  • Marco the Phoenix would reportedly tell Luffy an important information
  • "One Piece" arrives on September 28

“One Piece” Chapter 991 would show Marco the Phoenix sharing crucial information to Luffy, according to a new set of unconfirmed spoilers.

“One Piece” Chapter 991 arrives in just a few days and according to Reddit user Haunting, things are going to be very exciting. The “One Piece” fan shared multiple unconfirmed spoilers and one of them involves Whitebeard’s second in command, Marco the Phoenix. It appears that Marco will share important information to Luffy, but the spoilers failed to elaborate on the details of the information.

It was revealed in the previous chapters of the popular manga, that Marco and Charlotte Perospero had come into an agreement. Big Mom’s eldest son was not in favor of his mother’s recent decision of joining forces with Kaido. Sharing the same goal, fans learned that Marco forged a temporary alliance with Marco.

The latest set of “One Piece” Chapter 991 spoilers could be somehow connected to this. It is possible that Marco would inform Luffy about his temporary alliance with Perospero, which could turn things around for the Ninja-Pirate-Minks alliance. If Perospero could convince his mother to sever her ties with Kaido and fight him, it would increase the Straw Hats’ chances of surviving this war.

One Piece Pirate Warrior 4
Luffy vs Big Mom instacodez/flickr

The unconfirmed “One Piece” spoilers also mentioned that Big Mom would be thrown at the entrance where she would meet her son Perospero. In the previous chapter of the manga, the yonko was fighting against some members of the Straw Hats and it appears that her getting into the entrance was the result of that. Will Perospero convince Big Mom to change sides?

Fans are also anticipating Luffy’s answer to X Drake’s proposal in “One Piece” Chapter 991. It can be recalled that X Drake’s cover was blown and Queen the Plague along with Whos Who and Basil Hawkins already decided to kill him because of his betrayal. Drake, amid desperation, asked Luffy if he could ally with him because he has nowhere to turn to.

“One Piece” Chapter 991 is scheduled to arrive on September 28.