• The next episode of "One Piece" is scheduled to arrive on October 11
  • The upcoming episode will reportedly reveal Queen the Plague's secret plan
  • Luffy and Old Man Hyo could be in danger in the upcoming episode of "One Piece"

The upcoming episode of “One Piece” will reportedly reveal the secret plan of Queen the Plague, according to a new set of spoilers.

According to the list of upcoming “One Piece” titles translated and shared by insider Soulstorm, the upcoming episode is titled "Stopping a Yonko! Queen’s Secret Plan." The title is simple and straightforward and hints that Kaido’s lead performer will do everything to stop Big Mom and protect the Udon Prison. The only issue is that Charlotte Linlin is extremely strong and fans don’t know if Queen the Plague could even match her.

In the previous episode of the hit anime series, fans saw Big Mom rampaging at Udon Prison where Luffy, Kid, Killer and others are held prisoners. The amnesia-stricken yonko was looking for Oshiruko in the prison camp and encountered Queen the Plague, who happens to be very fond of the same red bean paste. Queen refused to give Charlotte Linlin some Oshiruko because it is his favorite.

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Aside from that, even if he agrees to Big Mom and gives in to her cravings, there is no more available Oshiruko at the Udon Prison. Luffy and Old Man Hyo ate all the red bean paste the night before Big Mom stormed the prison camp. What about Queen the Plague’s secret plan? Is there something that he could devise to fight the yonko’s monstrous strength and power?

“One Piece” fans know that when Big Mom could not eat what she’s craving for, she goes on a rampage that almost destroyed a place. Even Linlin’s strong and powerful sons and daughters could not do anything when the emperor is on the warpath for food. Queen the Plague’s Devil Fruit is no match against Big Mom.

In the previous “One Piece” episode, fans saw how the yonko easily slammed Queen the Plague’s Brachiosaurus form to the ground. Things are getting exciting in “One Piece” anime series. The great war in Wano country actually started in Udon Prison and not in Onigashima as many fans claimed.

While the other members of the Ninja-Mink-Pirate alliance are still planning, Luffy, Raizo, Old Man Hyo, Carribou and even kawamatsu are already moving inside the Udon Prison. The succeeding events in the upcoming “One Piece” episodes will lead to the events that are currently happening in the manga.