The BBB is recommending cell phone users avoid answering any any out-of-state numbers they don't recognize. Reuters

Cell phone users are being warned to think twice before answering any suspicious calls from the Caribbean Islands.

According to the Better Business Bureau, a new "one ring" scam is giving phone owners unauthorized charges on their wireless bills. WGHP reports that the calls may come from Antigua, Jamaica, Grenada and any other Caribbean Islands and that the phone rings only one time before disconnecting.

If a customer calls back the number displayed, the BBB details that the caller will then be charged $19.95 for an international call fee and an additional $9-per-minute charge. Users reporting the scam to the BBB have said the calls normally come from outside the U.S.

To protect yourself, the BBB encourages consumers not to answer calls from unknown, out-of-state numbers. But if you do answer the phone, they recommend not to call it back if the call disconnects.