Talk show host Oprah Winfrey's to be held show in Sydney's Opera House is going to cost the Australian Tourism Department an astounding A$3 million (US $2.8 million). Winfrey announced an eight-day all expense paid trip for her 300 odd audiences on Monday.

Australian Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson said the federal and state New South Wales governments would spend more than $3 million helping to bring The Oprah Winfrey Show to Australia as a way to boost tourism and added that it was money well spent as the show would put Australia in the spotlight. The TV show is watched by 40 million Americans and screened in 145 countries.

He further added that Oprah is a household name and her star power has the potential to lift Australia's profile as a premier tourist destination.

Oprah will film at least two episodes of her show including one at the Sydney Opera House on December 14. It is the first time the show will be filmed with its U.S. audience outside North America.