“Orange Is the New Black” 2016 Emmy Snub
Like her character Blanca, “Orange Is the New Black” actress Laura Gómez stands tall and proud of the Netflix series despite their Emmy snub. Netflix

The nominations for the 68th Emmy Awards were announced on Thursday — and Netflix’s critically acclaimed drama, “Orange Is the New Black,” walked away with just one: outstanding casting. And while fans were upset over the Emmy snub, Laura Gómez, who portrays Blanca Flores on the hit prison series, revealed she’s not the least bit phased by lack of recognition

“You know, as wonderful as nominations are, I just think that it doesn’t matter. [It] doesn’t take away the merits that the show has. Doesn’t take away from everything that we bring to the table,” the actress told International Business Times. “There’s so many — so much politics behind the nominations and what not. I just — I try to ignore anything that has to do with awards. If you get the nomination, great, but that doesn’t make the show better or worse.”

The show, which received four Emmy nominations in 2015, was forced to compete in the drama category instead of comedy due to a new rule created by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences that was implemented last year. The switch allowed “Orange Is the New Black” to become the first series to score an Emmy nomination in both the categories of comedy and drama. The show currently has four Emmy wins and 17 nominations.

“It’s great to get a nomination and merit form your peers and the industry,” Gómez continued, “but the show is [still] amazing if it [doesn’t]. And I think the audience and the critics are the real answer to that.”

“Orange Is The New Black” is currently streaming Season 1 through 4 on Netflix.