The Originals
“The Originals” will be shown on the CW Tuesdays this fall. CW

Can’t wait for “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off, “The Originals?” Well then we have some good news for you! On Wednesday, June 19, actress Leah Pipes tweeted that 23 days remain until the cast is “stuck with each other:”

@Maniella @MissClaireHolt @1PhoebeJTonkin @JosephMorgan @Daniellemcam @CharlesMD 23 more days. Then we’re stuck with each other.”

“The Originals” will hit the CW on Tuesday nights this fall at 8 p.m. The new spin-off series will follow Klaus (Joseph Morgan) as he returns to New Orleans, a city he helped build years ago. Back in town after receiving a mysterious tip about a plot brewing against him, he’s reunited with his former protégé, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), and learns of an interesting twist … a one-night stand he had with a werewolf named Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) has resulted in a supernatural pregnancy. Klaus and his siblings Elijah (Danielle Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) move back to New Orleans and form an alliance with witches to once again take over the city.

Leah Pipes was introduced to “Vampire Diaries” viewers in “The Originals” backdoor pilot. Pipes plays a human bartender named Camille who strikes up a friendship with Klaus. The actress tweeted the countdown to her new co-stars, most who fans will find familiar due to the “Vampire Diaries” or “The Originals” backdoor pilot. The only unfamiliar face to be hitting the screens in the fall is Danielle Campbell, who did not make an appearance in the initial “Originals” episode, but according to Zap2it will be playing Davina, Marcel’s favorite young witch.

Pipes isn't the only one to be tweeting about the upcoming series. Marcel's Charles Michael Davis has also taken to the social media site to tease "The Originals." On June 18 he tweeted:

“I dare say that the cast of ‘The Originals’ has more personality than a hospital for the mentally ill. And not in a good way.”

Davis’ post definitely hints at some trouble brewing in New Orleans, and fans wouldn't expect anything less ... especially with Klaus involved. Earlier this week Joseph Morgan tweeted a red hot photo from set:

“Today @CharlesMD and I got a little crazy. All will become clear … #StayOriginal.”

Although no background information came with the photo, it's not hard to imagine Marcel or Klaus branding disobeying supernatural's with their shoes.

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