originals season 2 spoilers
Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will look to his family to help save his daughter's life from Finn (Yusuf Gatewood, not pictured) in Season 2, episode 13 of "The Originals." CW

And you thought your family had issues! Fans of “The Originals” will see just how warped the Mikaelson clan is when Season 2, episode 13, "The Devil Is Damned," airs on Monday, Feb. 9.

According to the synopsis for next week’s installment, viewers can expect Finn (Yusuf Gatewood) to “join forces with a powerful figure from his past.” This will lead him to be one step ahead of his brothers in his search for baby Hope. What mystery character will Finn be teaming up with? Well, we know Freya (Riley Voelkel) has jus re-entered the “Originals” storyline. But there’s no way she would partake in the family feud, right?

“As the threat to Hope’s life grows stronger, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) realizes he has no choice but to place his trust in his siblings to ensure she remains protected,” the summary adds.

But Klaus will need more help than he originally anticipated. Finn will use Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and his tribe of hungry, blood-sucking vampires to hunt down Hope, which means the vamps will be paying a visit to the baby’s mother: Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin).

“I need you to bring me Hayley’s blood,” Finn says to Marcel in the promo video for episode 13. Will Marcel betray the Mikaelson’s? It doesn’t seem as though he’ll have a choice.

Back at the bayou, "Hayley and Jackson (Nathan Parsons) continue to prepare for the unification ritual,” the synopsis teases. “But things quickly go awry when they become pawns in Finn's dangerous plan.” Viewers can see Hayley fighting for her life in the promo video for next week's action-packed episode.

Meanwhile, Kol (Daniel Sharmin) will face his own demons when he’s forced to confront death. “After being presented with an enticing proposition, Kol will make a difficult life or death decision,” the summary reveals. Kol is no longer invincible after Finn cursed his weasel brother with the gift of death. Perhaps that's why Kol is so reluctant to let Klaus into his head, in fear that his brother might learn the truth and kill the mortal right then and there.

“I am not letting anybody into my mind,” Kol cries out.

“It’s not a question,” Klaus responds.

And Kol wont' be the only Mikaelson brother faced with a dilemma in episode 13. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) will find himself in the “fight of his life after an unexpected visitor arrives at the safe house.” We just hope Elijah is strong enough to fight back after being tortured by his mother.

Season 2, episode 13 of "The Originals" will air on Monday, Feb. 9, at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.