the originals season 2 spoilers
Klaus (Joseph Morgan) wasn't thrilled to reunite with his mother in episode 3 of "The Originals." The CW

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) pretty much summed up the plot of tonight’s episode of “The Originals” in six words: “What wine goes well with treachery?” And may we suggest the cabernet sauvignon? Rumor has it the full-bodied red pairs very well with lies and deception.

Episode 3, “Every Mother's Son” began with Cassie (Natalie Dreyfus) cooking up a spell -- one that invited her sons to a quaint family reunion. But before Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) accepted Esther’s invitation, they had to prepare themselves for a night they’d never forget.

Elijah paid his good friend Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) a visit, where he sought out a witch -- one that had gave a ring to Marcel’s baby vamp named Gia (Nishi Munshi). Although Elijah wanted no part in teaching Gia the ways of being a vampire, he ended up getting stuck with the young bloodsucker as she showed him the route to Lenore’s (Sonja Sohn) witchy pad.

When Elijah finally entered Lenore’s shop, the witch quickly requested for him to leave. But Elijah had a favor to ask of Lenore and he wasn’t going anywhere until she complied. He requested that she help him with a spell, one that would allow him to follow the spirit of a vessel-jumping witch. Lenore suggested that the only way to keep track of the hoping soul was through “soul branding.” Lenore would later reveal to Hayley in episode 3 that a mark would appear on the hand of the soul when it entered a new body. Pretty much “The Originals” equivalent of the “Scarlet Letter.”

Amongst the present day-drama, fans of the hit CW series had their fair share of flashbacks in “Every Mother's Son,” which showcased Klaus’ relationship with his mother from a child to a teen. Although Klaus struggled with the relationship he had with his father, he knew he could always count on his mom to have his back. She even proved her love for him by giving him a mystical necklace that would allegedly protect him -- or so he thought.

Prior to the anticipated dinner, Hayley questioned Klaus regarding why their mother was so hell-bent on seeing them dead. For the first time, Klaus explained to Hayley that his birth father was the werewolf of the pack that killed his little brother. This resulted in Mikael (Sebastian Roche) retaliating by murdering Klaus’ dad in addition to the pack, sparking a feud amongst the supernatural creatures.

“No wonder she’s crazy,” Hayley empathetically said. “I’m out of my mind giving away Hope. I can’t imagine if she’d actually died.”

Klaus concluded their conversation when he revealed to Hayley that it’s not that his mother hates her children, she hates herself for what they have become -- or at least that’s what he’d like to believe.

It’s revealed in episode 3 that Hayley has won over her former pack. And in doing so, Oliver (Chase Coleman) has decided to comply with the hybrid, becoming her ally instead of her foe. That meant when Finn reached out to Oliver in lieu of Cassie, Hayley would hear about it. She’d also heard from Oliver when he was being forced to torture Lenore, who was captured by Finn after he spotted Elijah waltzing out of her store.

To make it look like Lenore escaped (and Oliver had nothing to do with it) Hayley beat Oliver to a pulp before she and Lenore completed the soul-branding spell. According to the witch, Esther would have a “distinct symbol” on the back of her hand the next time she jumped into a body, which Esther did during the dinner.

The Mikaelson clan family reunion was full of drama. Klaus learned the bird necklace he cherished from his mother (and nearly died over) was in fact a weakening emblem that caused Klaus’ powers to fade while wearing it. “I kept you from becoming a beast,” Esther rebutted of why she had giving the necklace to her “special” son. It was after Klaus responded to Esther’s treason that Cassie collapsed into Elijah’s arms.

“She’s gone,” Elijah confirmed. But Esther wasn’t dead. The savvy witch jumped into Lenore’s body, who just so happened to be with Hayley at the moment of the transfer. However, unbeknownst to Esther, Lenore had conjured up a spell that would reveal who she through a branding on the vessel.

Hayley revealed to Esther that she knew the witch had inhabited Lenore’s body. That’s when Lenore gave the hybrid a chance to call Elijah in order to lure her sons to Lenore’s shop. But before they arrived, Esther gave Hayley a way out of her currently glum situation. “She blamed the two of you for what happened to Hope, to me,” Hayley revealed later down the episode 3 storyline to Klaus and Elijah, adding that she was tempted to make a deal with the devil-like witch. But little does Hayley know just how evil Esther really is. Although she claimed to her boys that she just wanted to “heal the family,” she expressed to Finn in the final moment of episode 3 her true, dark intentions.

“We will take their pride, their joy their love. And when they’re at the lowest point -- in their deepest despair -- they’ll have no other choice but to beg me to release them from their pain. And because I love them, I will,” she said.

What did you think of episode 3 of “The Originals”? Were you surprised Esther is using Lenore’s body as a vessel? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories for next week’s episode of “The Originals.”