the originals season 3 spoilers
Klaus (Joseph Morgan, left) and Elijah's (Daniel Gillies) relationship will weaken in the Season 3 premiere of "The Originals." The CW

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) will take their brotherly quarrel to the next level when “The Originals” returns with its Season 3 premiere Thursday. In fact, things between the two will get so tense that Freya (Riley Voelkel) will be forced to step in before things between the Mikealson siblings gets even bloodier.

Fans of the hit CW series got a glimpse at the drama set to occur in the premiere episode, titled “For the Next Millennium,” with the release of a sneak-peek video. In the clip, viewers watch as Klaus makes a snide remark about accompanying his brother and Hope as they visit Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) during the full moon – the only time in which hybrid can evolve back into a human due to a pesky curse conjured by her baby daddy.

Elijah, however, tells his brother that his “presence won’t be particularly welcomed." After all, Klaus is the one responsible for Hayley’s furry form after he turned her into a wolf during the Season 2 finale of “The Originals,” which saved her life but also prevented Hayley from seeing her daughter.

Klaus fires back that he would be more sympathetic if Hayley apologized for nearly running away with his daughter. But before Elijah can rebuttal, Freya steps in and warns her brother’s that they shouldn’t fight in front of Hope, who is becoming more impressionable by the second. For the sake of his niece, Elijah walks away, giving Freya the opportunity to share some words of wisdom with her younger brother.

“Nicely done,” she begins. “At this rate, you’ll drive the entire family away.”

The only question is, will the Mikaelson’s put their differences aside and reunite when a new enemy makes their way to New Orleans? Julie Plec, mastermind behind the supernatural drama, raised that inquiry during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

“The Original family left last season very distant from each other,” she said. “I'd say Klaus left last season [having] alienated pretty much everyone he's ever met before. So the minute this season there's a threat, the question is, is the family going to once again put aside their differences to stand together to fight a common enemy? Or did Klaus' actions shatter that bond too much, and will it keep them splintered?”

During the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, Gillies teased the relationship issues between Elijah and Klaus might not be solved by the end of the premiere – or the following few episodes.

“I think that we would be dishonorable to our audiences if we didn’t explore the rift and the division between the brothers. I think things should get worse before they get better,” he told reporters, revealing that the drama will only intensify as the season progresses.

“The Originals” will air its Season 3 premiere on Thursday, Oct. 8, at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.