The Originals
“The Originals” will be shown on the CW Tuesdays this fall. CW

“Vampire Diaries” fans rejoiced when they learned that they would be getting their fill of vampire drama on not one night but two thanks to “The Originals” spin-off. But the celebration lost steam when Team Klaroline realized that the two shows would separate fan favorite “couple” Klaus and Caroline.

Although Klaus and Caroline never actually got a chance to date thanks to Tyler and Klaus’ mood swings and killing spree’s, “Vampire Diaries” viewers cannot deny that the pair had chemistry. Hearts broke when Klaus had a one-night stand with werewolf Hayley, and anger even erupted when “The Originals” backdoor pilot revealed that Hayley was pregnant with Klaus’ baby. But despite all the obstacles being thrown in Klaroline’s way -- fans still want the couple to get a chance.

“They’re so exciting together,” executive producer Julie Plec dished at the Comic-Con panel. “Some [fans] are rooting against every single woman on this show because of that … and it’s not like she doesn’t exist [anymore]. In a way, she’s the Buffy to his Angel.”

As fans of Buffy and Angel know, things did not end up working out for them. For now, Team Klaroline will have to hold onto the hope of a crossover.

While Klaus did tell Caroline in “The Vampire Diaries” season four finale that he wants to be her last love, it’s not going to stop him from exploring new love interests. “I’m rooting for that element of the character,” Klaus’ Joseph Morgan said of his character showing a softer side.

And although Hayley seems like a great love interest option for Klaus since she’s carrying his baby, actress Phoebe Tonkin doesn’t think it’s in the cards. “They don’t know each other very well,” she said of Hayley and Klaus. “I don’t think it’s going to be romantic.”

The pair will be working together for their baby -- which could be a hybrid or some new supernatural being. But Plec teased the crowd that they’ll have to wait to learn what the baby is. “It will be part of the fun of waiting for it to be born,” she explained.

But one possible new love for Klaus may come in the form of a human named Cami. Actress Leah Pipes previously revealed to ETOnline that her character, a psychology student/bartender, will be creating a friendship with Klaus. But Cami will have to watch out for Marcel. Pipes dished that it sounds like “Marcel is trying to groom her to be his queen.”

"The Originals" will premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 15, on the CW. Fans who watched the backdoor pilot episode during season four of "The Vampire Diaries" won't want the official first episode as it is set to retell the story from Elijah's perspective.