Vampire Diaries
Move over Katherine! "The Originals" will be introducing a new love triangle in its freshman season. CW

The love triangles will never end! The “Vampire Diaries” has introduced numerous love triangles with its characters throughout the past four seasons, and now it appears that its spinoff series, “The Originals,” will be doing the same.

“The Originals” already aired its backdoor pilot during season four of the “Vampire Diaries.” But when the new CW series begins its freshman season this fall, they’ll be introducing a couple of faces that never made their way to Mystic Falls. One of the new faces is a “stunning Creole woman” named Celeste -- and she has a past with not one vampire brother … but two!

Klaus was “entangled” with Celeste in the 1800s, but Celeste also had a “fondness” for Elijah, according to TV Guide. Its website teased that Elijah wasn’t “as busy as his brother keeping the residents of New Orleans in check,” which leads us to believe that some inappropriate behavior may have went on between Celeste and Elijah behind Klaus’ back!

It’s unclear on whether Celeste will be appearing in a flashback or in the present day -- or both. The spoiler also doesn’t reveal exactly what Celeste is/was -- a vampire, human, werewolf, witch -- or maybe something completely different.

Whatever the situation is, it sounds very similar to the Klaus-Elijah-Katherine love triangle. For those that don’t remember, Katherine met the Original vampire brothers in 1492 when she was still human. Elijah had fallen in love with her, but Klaus had plans to sacrifice her to break the hybrid curse and make more vampire-wolves. Katherine betrayed both of the brothers when she ran off and turned herself into a vampire --even though Elijah had found a way for her to live.

“The Originals” premieres on the CW on Tuesday, Oct. 15. Will you be tuning in to watch the “Vampire Diaries” spinoff?