• Orlando Bloom and Sophie Turner were criticized on Twitter for being part of "The Prince"
  • Several netizens said they were hypocrites for being protective parents but agreeing to do the show
  • Some online users gave them the benefit of the doubt and refused to judge them before watching the show

Orlando Bloom and Sophie Turner are in hot water for their involvement in HBO Max's "The Prince."

Bloom voiced Prince Harry while Turner voiced Princess Charlotte in HBO Max's satire parody series by Gary Janetti. However, many were furious after watching the trailer for the show because they felt that it was ridiculing Prince George, who is only 8 years old. Many found it disrespectful and inappropriate and went after Bloom and Turner for being part of the show. 

"All i can say re The Prince cartoon is that: Orlando Bloom and Sophie Turner are hypocrites all for money, i guess," one tweeted.

"So Sophie and Orlando would do anything to protect their kid’s privacy and they are completely fine making money off of a royal kid.. Welcome to the Woke Brigade!" another wrote. "Their hypocrisy is just WOW! And NO I don’t want to retweet and comment on a trailer for their benefit!"

"Sophia and Orlando Bloom are the ones who demanded the privacy of their daughters, what happened now, they are violating the privacy of others," a fourth netizen commented.

"Basing a 'comedy' programme on a living eight year old is tasteless in the extreme: shame on all those actors who whored themselves to be involved. It's cheap, creepy and, frankly, a bit noncey," another user stated.

Another netizen pointed out how Turner went all out and allegedly dragged people who wanted to see her daughter but agreed to be part of the project. "Celebrity hypocrisy strikes again, [they] have no shame," the netizen wrote.

"Surprised at Sophie Turner who was rightly angry at Page Six for publishing a photo of her daughters face unblurred. But she is ok to voice Princess Charlotte - a child whose parents didn’t consent for her to be made into a cartoon. So is it ok to make a cartoon on Willa Jonas?" another asked

Turner shared the promo for "The Prince" on Instagram Thursday. Many called her out for her alleged hypocrisy in the comments section, but some still voiced their support for her. One user wanted to give the "Game of Thrones" star the benefit of the doubt.

"Let’s goooo," one commented with clapping hands emoji.

"Can’t wait!!!! It’s the the Royal Modern Family!!!" another wrote with face with tears of joy emoji.

"OH MY GOD! I’ve been waiting for this show since Gary announced it!!!!" a third user added.

"I’ll watch an episode before judging this, i don’t think sophie would ever exploit anyone let alone children," another wrote.

Many also seemingly supported Bloom and Turner's satire show on Twitter by praising its humor. According to them, the show is actually very hilarious, just the way it’s supposed to be.

"Has anyone else watched The Prince on HBO? It is freaking hilarious," one tweeted.

"OMG. ‘The Prince’ on HBO is hilarious," Jensen Freeman wrote.

"The Prince is hilarious," another added with a face with tears of joy emoji.

"The Prince" streams on HBO Max Thursday.

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