Orphan Black Rudy
Rudy (Ari Millen) has military ties, so he could potentially help get Helena (Tatiana Maslany, not pictured) back -- but will he? Steve Wilkie/BBC America

“Orphan Black” threw viewers for a loop last year when the male clones were revealed. The Project Castor boys, portrayed by Ari Millen, will play a big part in Season 3, but they might not be as likable as Sarah/the Project Leda clones (Tatiana Maslany). Millen recently teased that Rudy (a.k.a. Scarface) will be Sarah’s adversary.

“He knows who he’s talking to,” Millen told TV Line. “He knows her story. And he knows why she’s there. He’s not giving her anything. He’s just going to play the game. He’s just going to have a good time.”

That will certainly put him ahead of Sarah in “Orphan Black” Season 3. While Sarah has just learned about Project Castor, it seems that Rudy has known about Project Leda for quite some time. Rudy is trained by the military, and while it isn’t clear what he wants, he’ll definitely be an enemy for the female clones.

“Before it was about coming up with Sarah’s answers for herself and her own biology and where she came from and who is her originals,” co-creator John Fawcett told IGN. “And now it’s Castor, and that is the deepening of our conspiracy. It’s really a true war between Castor and Leda.”

A big part of that war might be Helena. Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) handed the Ukrainian clone over to the military at the end of “Orphan Black” Season 2. With Rudy’s military ties, he might be able to help the women find Helena. But Millen’s description of the character makes it sound like Rudy won’t be willing to help. Even though Rudy is being described as a foe, “Orphan Black” is known for surprising fans. After all, Helena once seemed like an antagonist, but now she is one of the sisters. The clone club will have to wait until Season 3 starts to find out if Rudy is really an enemy.

“Orphan Black” Season 3 premieres Saturday, April 18, on BBC America. Do you think Rudy is really an enemy or will he become an ally? Sound off in the comments section below!