Best Picture Options Increased

According to the official 86th Oscars Fact Sheet, exactly 289 feature films were eligible for a Best Picture nomination this year, an uptick from the 85th Academy Awards, when only 282 were eligible for a possible win.

The Voting Party Is 6K Large

The Academy, an elite group of members working in the entertainment field, help nominate and eventually pick winners in each of the Academy Awards' 24 categories annually. This year, 6,028 Academy members will help pick this year’s winners.

Famous Nationwide And Worldwide

While some countries nominate the best features, screenwriters, actors and directors in entertainment at their own annual awards shows, the Academy Awards appears to be a favorite among viewers worldwide. According to the official fact sheet, the Oscars will be telecast in 225 countries come this Sunday, with a projected several hundred million expected to tune in.

Media Will Be In Full Force

Waking the red carpet may seem like a glamorous part of attending the annual Oscars awards show, and according to the fact sheet, at least 75 still photographers were in attendance this year to capture a glimpse of the star’s most popular actors. A notable 388 TV press, including camera operators, audio techs and crew, will be on the red carpet.

Oscars Venue Passes Decade Marker

While the Dolby Theater (ne: Kodak Theater) may feel as if it has always been the Academy Awards home, the 86th year only marks the 13th time the show has taken place at the famous Los Angeles-based theatre.

Large RSVP List

It may seem like getting a ticket to the Oscars would be as easy at winning the lottery to some, but thousands can and actually will attend the venue this Sunday night. According to the Academy, the awards shows location, the Dolby Theater, can seat 3,300 guests.

Ellen Is No Record Breaker

While comedian Ellen DeGeneres of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will be hosting the Oscars for the second time this year (she did it once before in 2007), she isn’t breaking any records for her comeback gig. According to the Academy, fellow comedian, the late Bob Hope, holds the record for the most Academy Awards-hosting gigs, reportedly hosting the show 19 times, first in 1939 and last in 1977.

Over 50 Years Of Governors Balls

After a long show, Academy Awards guests are treated to the annual after-party, the coveted Governors Ball. While currently a tradition, the extravagant celebration didn’t always take place. This year’s party marks the 56th time the ball will occur following the big night.

Make Sure You Grab Your Popcorn

… Because you could be stuck in front of your TV for a while this Sunday night. While last year’s Oscars only had a run time of three hours and 35 minutes, some ceremonies have been known to go on for longer than James Cameron’s film “Titanic.” In 2002, the 74th Academy Awards ran for an astounding four hours and 23 minutes. In contrast, the shortest Oscars awards show occurred in 1959 and only had a running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

50 Oscars Are Waiting

There are currently dozens of golden statuettes waiting to be gifted to their owners this awards season. While only 44 Oscars were given out at the 85th Academy Awards, a total of 50 were created just for this year’s ceremony.