Mitch Winehouse
Mitch Winehouse, photographed at the Amy Winehouse Foundation gala in London on Oct. 15, 2015, is speaking out about "Amy" director Asi Kapadia having won an Oscar. Getty Images

"Amy" Director Asif Kapadia won big at the 88th annual Academy Awards on Sunday when the Amy Winehouse film was awarded the title of best documentary — but not everyone viewed it as a win.

After the award show, Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch, tweeted about “Amy” winning an Oscar. As E! Online reported, he said he opposed the film's being made in the first place and would not celebrate the win. He said Kapadia is the only winner here as “Amy” is not an accurate depiction of his or his daughter’s life. Mitch Winehouse insisted that the film’s director had “fooled everybody,” adding that he would do everything in his power to rectify that.

This is hardly the first time Winehouse has spoken ill of “Amy” or its director. Following the May 2015 release of the first trailer, many of the singer's family members came forward claiming the film was filled with inaccuracies. Amy Winehouse's fiancé Reg Traviss told the Telegraph the singer's "true character" was not depicted in the documentary. He called it "a fictionalized biopic," adding that it was based on a "distorted depiction" of the seven-time Grammy award-winner's lifestyle. Writers at Cinemablend spoke with members of her family who concurred with Traviss' statements. They told the publication some aspects of "Amy" were "misleading" to the public.

As was reported by Metro UK, Mitch Winehouse appeared on the British talk show “Loose Women” in July 2015 and was asked about Kapadia’s work. He told hosts Ruth Langsford, Andrea McLean and Coleen Nolan that he wasn’t happy with his portrayal in the movie. Winehouse went on to say that in response he’d like to create another film, inviting everyone who spoke in “Amy” to be in it — sans editing — to “tell the truth about Amy’s life.”

“Amy” was released on July 3, 2015. In addition to an Oscar, the film won a BAFTA for best documentary, a Grammy for best music film, a European Film Academy Documentary Award and best nonfiction film from the National Society of Film Critics. Kapadia has won several awards for his work on “Amy,” “Senna” and “The Warrior.” He has not responded to Winehouse’s most recent criticism.

As was previously reported, Amy Winehouse died on July 25, 2011. A statement from the London Metropolitan Police, published on Mirror U.K., said the "Rehab" singer's body was discovered inside her home. It is believed that she had been heavily abusing both drugs and alcohol prior to her death. In October 2011, the London coroner confirmed that excessive alcohol consumption was a contributing factor. She was just 27 years old.