Sam Heughan
Scottish actor Sam Heughan from the TV series "Outlander" poses during a photocall at the 55th Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco on June 14, 2015. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Details about Madame de Pompadour, a possible character in “Outlander” Season 2, have surfaced online. The production of the movie is currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland as one of the fans apparently saw Sam Heughan taking a spin class in the city.

According to a report by Yareah, Madame de Pompadour lived between 1721 and 1764 in France. She is said to have been one of the chief mistress of King Louis XV from 1745 till she died. She is described as a “very intelligent woman” who was “valued” by the king of France, but is said to have had “delicate health.”

Pompadour is said to have had keen interest in architecture and decorative arts. The buildings Place de la Concorde and Petit Trianon were apparently planned by her. She also supported many artisans, painters and sculptors, some of whom were also a part of the French court.

While she was offering her patronage to people in various fields, she also developed a friendship with Queen, Marie Leszczynska. Queen Marie of France, as she was called, was married to King Louis XV. Although the character is of some historic significance, there have been no announcements by the producers to confirm that the character will be seen in “Outlander” Season 2.

According to a report by HeraldScotland, Heughan (Jamie) was spotted taking a lunchtime spin class in Glasgow recently. Not many people were able to recognize the actor, according to one of the women, who attended the class along with the actor.

"I watch the show and love it which is why I spotted him," the fan said. Another fan, who saw Heughan working out, said that the actor used a personal trainer during his session.

“Outlander” Season 2 is slated to air sometime in 2016, and the exact air date of the premiere episode has not been announced yet by the producers. The story mostly continues in France with Jamie and his wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) travelling to that country. Some of the new cast members of the show include Lionel Lingelser as King Louis XV, Frances de la Tour as Mother Hildegarde and Laurence Dobiesz as Alex Randall.