One of the two cemeteries raided by the Michigan police recently, as part of their investigation into a funeral home, was shut down after hundreds of dead fetuses were discovered buried in the property.

After getting tipped off, the state authorities raided Gethsemane Cemetery in Detroit and Knollwood Cemetery in Canton, Michigan, on Wednesday. Upon thoroughly searching the properties, they found 104 fetuses and cremated fetal remains at Gethsemane and 345 similar remains at Knollwood. In addition, the corpse of an infant was also discovered at Knollwood, Fox2Detroit reported. 

The police are currently investigating 17 of the fetal remains found at Gethsemane and 27 found at Knollwood as they did not have proper documentation to support the burials including death certificates, forms and burial transit permits.

"The documentation supports that there is a discrepancy or a body, or remains, were inappropriately disposed of," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said during a press conference Thursday, Detroit Free Press reported. "In other words just like our investigations into Cantrell and Perry, where fetus remains were found discovered - in one instance in the ceiling. That is not a proper disposition. There is a criminal statute that addresses that."

A cease and desist order was issued against Knollwood, before the authorities shut down the cemetery. Knollwood Memorial Park Cemetery "demonstrated a lack of integrity to protect the public and a lack of good moral character," Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs said. The service was also fined $135,000. The property was also accused of aiding and abetting Perry Funeral Home by storing fetuses illegally on their behalf.

It is unclear if any penalties were brought against Gethsemane.

In October, the state’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs revoked the license of Perry Funeral Home in Detroit after the police raided the facility and discovered 36 fetuses in cardboard boxes and 27 more in freezers.

“This is an extension of our criminal probe focusing on Perry,” Craig said. “They’re no criminal allegations against the management companies that manage both Gethsemane and Knollwood.”

The Michigan police also discovered the bodies of 10 fetuses and an infant in Cantrell Funeral Home, Detroit, whose license was immediately suspended in October. The remains were discovered in a decomposed state between the first and second floors of the facility. While the fetuses were found inside a cardboard-like box, the infant was stuffed away in a coffin.

“I would never have imagined a case like this, and it’s not over," Craig added. "Where’s it going to take us next?”