Overwatch 2 - Sojourn
Sojourn is one of the new characters introduced upon the release of Overwatch 2 Activision Blizzard


  • Sojourn excels at poking enemies and sniping important targets
  • She can prevent enemy pushes with her Disruptor Shot skill
  • Landing charged railgun shots is key to finding success with Sojourn

Sojourn is one of the new characters added to the hero roster in "Overwatch 2," and she brought with her some neat new tricks for teams in need of a mid-ranged, hitscan damage dealer.

At a glance, Sojourn is very similar to Soldier 76 in terms of neutral game play style. Both are responsible for showering enemies with gunfire before finishing them off with a well-placed alternate fire attack. However, Sojourn brings a different type of destruction to the battle thanks to her unique set of skills.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Sojourn is equipped with a railgun with two firing modes: full-auto and high-impact. Pelt enemies with the rapid-fire assault rifle mode, and then wipe them out with charged rail shots.

Overwatch 2 - railgun
Charged railgun shots are best used to finish off low-health targets or one-tap squishier ones Overwatch 2

Fully-charged shots deal immense damage, especially when they connect with an enemy's head. On the other hand, full-auto mode deals very low damage per shot, which may make securing kills feel difficult and inconsistent. Landing rail shots is the key to reaching Sojourn's full potential. This is emphasized by her ultimate, which automatically charges her railgun while it's active.

Her other strengths lie in her Disruptor Shot ability, which slows and damages every hostile inside. The damage from this skill is surprisingly high, and it can be used together with ally abilities to create some devastating combos. Additionally, Sojourn has exceptional mobility thanks to Power Slide.

Taking her abilities into consideration, Sojourn is best played like a mid-ranged Widowmaker. Unfortunately, this also comes with Widow's weakness against close-ranged duelists like Genji and relatively low DPS against tanks.

Sojourn Tips and Tricks

Ironically, the best time to use charged rail shots is when enemies are jumping. Use the small window where they are falling to line up a headshot and score an immediate elimination. Hitting these charged shots is critical to securing kills with Sojourn.

When getting dove by an enemy, use Power Slide to create distance – both horizontally and vertically. Try to head toward elevated areas since Sojourn gains increased jump height when she cancels her slide.

Disruptor Shot is best used to zone enemies from objectives or cut off their retreat. Launch it at doorways or tight corridors to prevent enemies from escaping.

Overwatch 2 - Disruptor
Disruptor Shot is most effective in tight quarters or choke points Overwatch 2