Hanzo Shimada in Overwatch 2
Hanzo Shimada in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2


  • Aim for the head and go for unsuspecting enemies first
  • Lead shots to compensate for projectile drop and velocity
  • Dragonstrike is best used to get enemies off choke points and corridors

Hanzo is the most unique of the precision DPS heroes in "Overwatch 2." The scion of the Shimada clan relies heavily on his high burst damage to instantly take down any enemy outside of tanks, and he brings excellent utility to his team as well.

Unlike his brother Genji, Hanzo's playstyle is much more demanding when it comes to patience and precision.

'Overwatch 2' Hanzo Playstyle

Hanzo is a projectile-based DPS hero who uses a bow to deal damage. As such, his attacks hit much harder than most hitscan characters, but this benefit gets offset by his slow firing speed and the need to compensate for projectile drop and velocity.

Players need to lead their shots or be very accurate with reading and predicting enemy movements. This is most obviously done by using Hanzo's Sonic Arrow, which lets him and his allies see enemies through walls. Use this to time shots against enemies who are exiting cover.

Overwatch 2 - Sonic Arrow
Sonic Arrow can detect and tag enemies for the entire team Overwatch 2

Storm Arrows grants Hanzo five rapid-fire shots that deal reduced damage. This ability will mostly be used to burn down tanks and enemies who get too close for comfort.

His ultimate ability, Dragonstrike, is primarily used to contest objectives. It works best in corridors and choke points or together with CC ultimates like Graviton Surge.

Lastly, Hanzo can climb walls and perform a horizontal dash by jumping while in the air. Use these to avoid enemy fire or to gain advantageous positions.

'Overwatch 2' Hanzo Aiming Tips and Tricks

Target prioritization is essential when using Hanzo—targets should be picked based on how easy they are to hit, not how important they are. Except for big tanks, players should always aim for unsuspecting targets standing still or moving very predictably.

It's important to think three steps ahead when using Hanzo. If an enemy is strafing, aim for the opposite side of the direction they are heading toward. Then, it becomes a simple matter of waiting for the enemy to run into Hanzo's crosshairs and straight into an arrow to the head.

Enemies that are retreating will naturally seek safety, so try to predict which piece of cover they're going to head toward and shoot an arrow accordingly.

Overwatch 2 - Hanzo ult
Dragonstrike can force enemies off of corridors and objectives Overwatch 2