Overwatch 2 - Bastion minigun
Bastion in his old stationary turret configuration Overwatch 2


  • Bastion receives an additional damage resistance buff when he's in Assault mode
  • Flankers are great for catching Bastion off-guard, with Reaper being especially effective
  • Bastion's large hitbox makes him an easy target in general

Ever since his return, Bastion has quickly proven to be a very effective pick against many popular team compositions. The curious robot's extreme DPS output makes him one of the top counters against tanks and immobile heroes in "Overwatch 2."

Facing Bastion can be quite problematic for teams that rely on slow pushes, even more so when Reinhardt or Sigma are acting as the main tank. Still, like any other hero in the game, there are a few ways to kick Bastion's oppressiveness down.

"Overwatch 2" Important Bastion Notes

First, it's important to understand where Bastion's strengths lie. The most obvious one is when he is in Configuration: Assault mode where he brings his minigun to bear. This weapon deals absurd damage per second that's capable of shredding the sturdiest tanks in no time. To offset this strength, he loses movement speed.

What makes Bastion so difficult to deal with when in this mode is the fact that he gets an additional 20% damage resistance on top of his natural armor. This, coupled with the fact that his weak spot gets moved to his back, makes Bastion impossible to outgun, even with snipers like Widowmaker and Hanzo.

Hanzo Shimada in Overwatch 2
Hanzo Shimada in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2

Bastion's Counters and Weaknesses

Playing against Bastion is all about catching him when he is at his weakest, which is his default Recon mode. His primary weapon fires very slowly, and while it deals good headshot damage, it requires precise aiming on the player's part.

Stay close to him to make him miss more shots. This also applies to when he's in Assault mode, though doing so is much riskier.

Additionally, Bastion's hitbox is significantly larger than other DPS heroes. This makes him very vulnerable to long-range attacks despite his innate resistance. Keep pouring damage onto him to force healers away from the rest of his team.

As for counters, here are some of the strongest heroes to use against Bastion:

  • Roadhog
  • Orisa
  • Mei
  • Reaper
  • Genji
  • Tracer
  • Moira
  • Lucio

It's worth noting that Sigma is a special case. Bastion may be able to shred his shield, but he won't be rendered completely useless. Sigma can stun the slow-moving Bastion and knock him out of Assault mode or absorb large amounts of damage with his Kinetic Grasp.

Bastion is an easy target for Roadhog hooks and Orisa javelins, and he is naturally vulnerable to flanking heroes. Mei, in particular, can shave precious seconds off of his Assault mode by creating walls to block his line of fire.

Overwatch 2 - Roadhog hook
Chain Hook can drag opponents from safety and into Roadhog's effective range Overwatch 2