Not my chat log, but same amount of raging Reddit

Blizzard is no slouch when it comes to April Fools’ Day pranks and this year is no exception. You can use the original client with VR, choose your own adventure at Blizzcon or just scream incoherently as Reinhardt in Overwatch . There’s a little Easter egg for Reinhardt players in Overwatch that was put into the game late Friday night. If you play as the armored knight with a hammer, everything you type in chat will be be displayed in capital letters, followed by a few exclamation marks and a Reinhardt quote.

It’s really hard to flame in chat when you are saying “PUSH THE PAYLOAD!!! PRECISION GERMAN ENGINEERING.” It may not be the April Fools’ Day event we were all hoping for, but it’s a cute little nod to fans of the series who laugh at how over-the-top Reinhardt is. He’s the only old man in the entire Overwatch universe who likes David Hasselhoff.

It’s unclear when this chat filter is going to disappear, but don’t expect to end all your sentences with “FOR HONOR!!!” after this weekend is over. If you are a console player, you won’t be able to see or use this Easter egg, which is kind of a bummer. You need a PC and a keyboard in order to scream like Reinhardt.

Overwatch and League Of Legends are both trying to combat toxicity by changing how you communicate in chat on April Fools’ Day. Imagine how many happy players there are today, thanks guys.