Packing for a trip is an onerous task to begin with, but packing for your ultimate ski vacation can be a nightmare.

When you're packing for the slopes, you're going to want a list in order to make sure you don't leave anything out. Though you can buy items at the resort shop, nobody wants to pay $70 to replace a missing left glove.

Whether you're bringing your own equipment, renting in town or renting at the slope, skiing is one sport that requires a lot of gear, some of which you may not think about.

Whether you're a novice or a pro, here's a look at the ski essentials from the clothing and accessories to the gear and après musts.


Jacket: If you're a snowboarder, you want to make sure you have a jacket that covers your bum; otherwise, you'll walk around with a wet rear all day long.

Pants: Make sure pack a pair of thick, warm, waterproof pants.

Underlayer: Long johns are preferred, but the most important thing is to pack layers that you can peel off if you get too hot.

Fleece or Sweater: Again - layers are crucial.

Gloves: Thick, waterproof gloves are a must. Mittens will not do.

Glove Liners: Optional

Hat or Helmet: Helmets are great for safety. If you opt out of using a helmet, make sure you at least wear a warm snow cap that covers your ears.

Neck Gator: It's less fashionable than a scarf, but most skiers and boarders prefer the gator.

Skiing Socks: Your everyday socks aren't going to cut it in the snow. Make sure to pack some hefty wool socks for the trip.


Goggles: Some prefer to wear sunglasses instead, but if it's snowing out, you'll be happy you brought your goggles.

Hand & Toe Warmers: These little pouches full of magic beans are lifesavers out on the slopes.

Snow Boots: You won't get too far without a good pair of snow boots. It's also just plain unsafe to walk around in anything else.

Non-ski Gloves/Mittens: If you're off the slopes, you might not want to wear your puffy gloves to the bar.

Sunscreen/Lip balm: The sun can be killer on the slopes. You'll get burned if you don't take care.

Camera: Everyone looks cool on a snowboard, and a day on the slopes could easily produce a Facebook profile picture.

Hydration Pack: If you aren't likely to come in for breaks, make sure to bring a hydration pack.

Gear (optional - you can always rent gear on the mountain):

Skis/Snowboard: Make sure it's the right size.

Ski/Snowboard Boots: Tight, but not too tight.

Bindings/Poles: Turn the pole upside down and make sure your arm is at a right angle with the base.

Non Essentials:

Jeans, underwear, sweaters, long-sleeved tees, waterproof shoes, mittens/hat/scarf, coat, sleepwear, socks, sweatpants, and a hoodie.

Also, don't forget your toiletries, a swimsuit, an insurance card, medicines, phone, iPhone/MP3 player, a deck of cards, tickets/ski passes, money/credit card/wallet, and high energy snacks.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments below.


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