Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs slammed the US government for carrying out its kill operation against Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil without the permission or foreknowledge of the Pakistani government.

In a statement, it said:

“The Government of Pakistan expresses its deep concerns and reservations on the manner in which the Government of the United States carried out this operation without prior information or authorization from the Government of Pakistan.

This event of unauthorized unilateral action cannot be taken as a rule. The Government of Pakistan further affirms that such an event shall not serve as a future precedent for any state, including the US. Such actions undermine cooperation and may also sometime constitute threat to international peace and security.”

US lawmakers are equally outraged, however, because bin Laden – the mass murderer of Americans and public enemy number one – lived comfortably in a mansion just 30 miles outside of Pakistan’s capital.

The town was Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point and was home to many retired generals from the Pakistani army.

House Minority leader Steny Hoyer said:

“This is not some cave in some strange area of the country. It was in fact in the midst of a lot of activity and one would wonder how it was possible for somebody like Osama bin Laden, one of the most infamous people in the world, to be secluded there for a long period of time without anyone knowing about it.”

Other US lawmakers have questioned Pakistan’s status as a US ally and believe the US should suspend all financial aid to Pakistan until it can explain to the world why bin Laden was allowed to live in a mansion just outside of its capital for years.