Several internet users lost their appetite after reading the unexpected ingredient a parent adds to their recipe of homemade popsicles. The parent revealed that they secretly add their own urine to the popsicles before feeding them to their unsuspecting daughter.

“Hi friends! A great idea to introduce children to UT: urine popsicles!” said the parent in a private urine therapy Facebook group, according to CengNews. The private group called “Urine Magic” has over 37,000 users.

A screenshot of the parent’s post found its way to Reddit and left internet users queasy over the parent’s claims.

“I’ve been adding half an ounce of my urine to lemonade and making it into popsicles for my daughter,” the parent added. “She doesn’t seem to notice and I can see the benefits already — she’s the best student in her Spanish class!”

If feeding their urine to the daughter wasn’t enough, the parent also revealed that they feed the popsicles to her daughter’s friend as well without letting her parents know.

“It’s been so good I’ve given some to her best friend Erin the couple of times she’s been over for play dates and sleepovers,” the parent continued. “I haven’t told her parents yet, but, in due time I’m sure they’ll be grateful. When Erin’s grades start to skyrocket and the improvement in her cognitive abilities is undeniable I will let them know.”

Baffled readers had plenty to say after reading the parent’s stomach-churning post.

“Urine Magic? More like ur-ine trouble,” one user wrote while another said, “This made me spit out my sandwich.”

“Ah yes, legend has it that the Spanish language was invented because people drank too much urine,” one user joked.

Urine therapy is an alternative medicine practice followed by people who believe drinking one's own urine has medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Credible scientific evidence supporting this claim, however, is lacking.

Many believed innocent Erin’s parents might not be “grateful” when they find out that their daughter has been ingesting somebody else’s frozen bodily fluids while on play dates.

“This isn’t just insane … Who in their right f–king minds would feed someone ELSES CHILD a pee popsicle?!?!?” one commenter asked.

"I mean it's bad enough to do it to your own child, but someone else's is just horrifying," quipped another Reddit user.

"I would have to be restrained if someone told me they had fed urine to my kid. Because I would go insane,” one netizen said. “It's passed food tampering at this point. It's unsanitary."

Representative image Credit: Pixabay